Friday, November 30, 2018

Links — 30 Nov 2018

Moon of Alabama
Seeing Social Decline As A National Security Threat May Change Conservative Policies

Sic Semper Tyrannis — Editorial
Trump's foreign policy is run by neocons. (Editorial)
Col. W. Patrick Lang, US Army (ret.)

Sputnik International
In Trade War, Beijing Has Staying Power Washington Lacks

Mint Press News
At Elite Gala With Ex-Bush Official, Obama Implores Wall Street to Thank Him for Making Them so Much Money
Ben Norton

Mint Press News
US Sanctions Have Become Little More Than Medieval-Style Siege Warfare
Thierry Meyssan

Oriental Review
Why Is The West Keeping Silent About The Chemical Attack In Syria?

Putin brings his wheels: Aurus motorcade meets top man in Buenos Aires (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

RT? In my Google? Russophobes outraged by seeing Russian media in Kerch search results

Those in US who call for detente with Russia are branded Putin’s puppets – The Nation’s chief-editor

Sputnik International
Russia a Dangerous Place to Intervene in – British Ex-PM David Lloyd George

Sputnik International
Foreign Warships May Use Northeast Passage Only After Notifying Russia - MoD

Fast Company
Russia’s largest bank just launched a state-of-the-art coding school to ease dependence on Western Tech
Daria Solovieva

Russian Defense Ministry: NATO deploys troops along Russian border under drills' guise

Zero Hedge
US Manufacturers Warn Trump Tariffs Will Bring Higher Prices, Not More Jobs: Survey
Tyler Durden


Matt Franko said...

“Why Is The West Keeping Silent About The Chemical Attack In Syria?”

LOL... maybe because we don’t give a flying F about those shitholes anymore?

Konrad said...

The world's largest sh-thole is Franko's head. The excrement he constantly spews is an example of psychological projection.


“The gravest national security threat facing America is its collective indifference to the steady deterioration of living standards.”


It was the same in ancient Rome. When Rome started being ruled by emperors, living conditions ironically improved for average people (but not for slaves of course). The reason for this is that during the Republic, when there was (so-called) “democracy,” rich people only cared about getting richer, even if it destroyed the republic. They were neoliberals. By contrast, emperors saw the public as their “children,” so to speak. Rome’s greatest period of construction was under the emperors.

This is not always the case. Before Athens had some semblance of democracy, there were constant upheavals as one tyrant overthrew another, followed by another and another. There was constant intrigue and civil strife.

Today the USA is like the Roman republic.

No one denies this except liars and idiots. (One fool recently left numerous comments here in which he claimed that U.S. inequality is going down.)

“If the social decline of the United States is viewed in terms of 'national security' then conservatives may start to push the issue.”

It won’t matter. Bankers and oligarchs are not liberals or conservatives. They are neoliberals; i.e. a mindless cancer. They are killing their host body, but they can never stop. Life expectancy is already falling in the USA.

Meanwhile the masses insist on suicide. The peasants insist on believing that the US government is revenue constrained. They insist on worshipping Big Pharma and its toxic vaccines. They insist [many of them] that climate change is not real. Most of them love war. Most of them are more or less Frankos.


Incidentally that entire “Spanish flu” thing is a myth.

I will explain why if someone challenges me.

Konrad said...

Poor little Franko. Yapping in the wind like a wretched little doggie alone in the cold, with no one to hear him.

Die, mutt.

Be at peace.

“New US Sanctions against Iran, Russia and Syria form the most unforgiving embargo in history. They are weapons of war, designed for killing.”

It has always been so.

Cuba has been under sanctions for 58 years. Every year the UN votes in favor of a resolution to end the Cuban sanctions. And every year the vote is blocked by Israel and its cowardly little bitch (the USA). All other nations vote in favor of ending the sanctions.

“Moscow considered the possibility of negotiating on Teheran’s behalf for the easing of unilateral US sanctions, in exchange for its military withdrawal from Syria.”

Israel said no, since Israel needs “enemies.” And the USA dared not disobey its Israeli master.

Matt Franko said...

"Sanctions.... They are weapons of war, designed for killing.”

figurative language again here that you think is real... you have really been disgraced in this life... suggest get off the drugs...

Do you realize how stupid you look to those qualified???

OK ... Do you want to blow them too?

OK... so we will deliver them material systems AND blow them?

I'll tell you what... we qualified can deliver them the material systems and YOU art morons can them blow them? deal???

You guys can blow the Cubans and the Iranians and we qualified can just handle the material systems and get paid and you guys can blow them? deal????

Matt Franko said...

WTF does pissant Israel have to do with anything here????

You are psycho B-A-N-A-N-A-S....

Konrad said...

Pissant Israel? You are an anti-Semite, and must therefore be banned.

Art degree!
None of you are qualified!
All of you are biased against war!
I'm an electrician, and therefore a genius!

It's one thing to insult everyone here, but can't you say something different once in a while?

Art degree!
None of you are qualified!
All of you are biased against war!
I'm an electrician, and therefore a genius!

Having you around is like being stuck in a jetliner that never lands, and which has a stench of dirty diapers that never goes away.

Art degree!
None of you are qualified!
All of you are biased against war!
I'm an electrician, and therefore a genius!

Konrad said...

Wow. Common ground. We actually agree on something.
I'm so shocked I gotta lie down.

Noah Way said...

The west is silent about the latest chemical attack because

1) it was done by our proxies, the "moderate" terrorists
2) foreign news services have been predicting it and exposing the setup by the French and Brits
3) domestic "news" services are controlled by the state - i.e. they are Fake News

FRANKO, the poster boy for mental retardation, says "because we don’t give a flying F about those shitholes anymore", which is belied by the simple facts and truth that we are balls deep in Syria (and Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) with no plans to pull out, ever.

FRANKO is too stupid to realize how stupid he is, a textbook example of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Konrad said...

Franko is the class clown, always spouting off in a desperate bid for attention.

He doesn’t care that everyone thinks him a loser.

All he cares about is being noticed.

Art major!
Triangles have four sides!
Art major!
For pity's sake, NOTICE ME!