Monday, November 26, 2018

Links — 26 Nov 2018

Andre Vltchek

The National Interest
Introducing the 1 Problem the F-22 and F-35 Can't Seem to Shake
Sébastien Roblin

Productive versus financial uses of credit
John Balder

Detained Ukrainian Servicemen Confirm They Provoked Black Sea Incident With Russia Upon Order From Their Command

Zero Hedge
Captured Ukrainian Sailors Admit To "Provoking" Russian Navy, Interrogation Video Shows
Tim Daiss

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Andrew Anderson said...

re Productive versus financial uses of credit:

Is using what is, in essence due to extensive government privileges for the banks, the PUBLIC'S CREDIT to finance automation to DIS-EMPLOY the PUBLIC but for PRIVATE GAIN a productive use of credit? Or is it a subtle means of theft to benefit banks, business and industry at the expense of the PUBLIC, especially workers?

So in addition to being productive, credit should be ethically created.