Saturday, November 24, 2018

UK: London police knock moped thieves to the floor in dramatic montage

Crikey, I didn't think the British police would be allowed to do this! Young people could end up maimed for life. Lots of young people go through a bad phase.

Montage footage released on Friday shows London Metropolitan Police knocking alleged moped thieves off their bikes as part of a new tactic to face a scooter-crime surge in the English capital. Dashcam footage shows a team of specially trained police officers making so-called "tactical contact" with alleged moped thieves to make them fall from their scooters. The Metropolitan Police allegedly said it only resorts to such tactics to stop thieves who pose a risk to pedestrians or police. Mandatory courtesy: Metropolitan Police


Ralph Musgrave said...

Well this is a turn up for the books. I thought UK police spent all day glued to their PCs looking out for politically incorrect Tweets....:-)

Matt Franko said...