Saturday, November 24, 2018

Moon of Alabama — British Government Runs Secret Anti-Russian Smear Campaigns

Inquiring minds would like to know why the UK is so interested in discrediting the Russian government. It's clearly not just "making the world safe for democracy" or defending Western liberal values and traditions.

Something of this size and intensity suggests only one thing, "Follow the money." What's up with this? Has it something to do with the British financial empire that replaced the British political empire? What else could that be, and if this is it, what is the underlying rationale?

There seems to be little doubt that the US and UK tried to take over Russia after the collapse off the USSR and were added in this by both Russian oligarchs and foreign operatives. Is this an attempt to regain lost territory, mount a new offense to neuter Russia and a power and take over its resources (think Mackinder and Brzezinski) , or are the Russians somehow viewed as a threat to the City and British tax havens where the vast majority of oversees wealth is stored in secrecy?

Moon of Alabama
British Government Runs Secret Anti-Russian Smear Campaigns

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Or maybe it's a simple as that the Brits have collectively lost their marbles.


On the other hand, the British Empire was instrumental in creating the conditions for both WWI and WWII, both of which were imperialist wars, just as WWIII is shaping up as an imperialist war. While the emperors may be history, imperialism is not. Of course, the British Empire was not the only empire involved in creating the conditions for WWI and WWII, and WWIII will be predicated not only on the Anglo-American Empire as the political successor to the British Empire, but also the resurgence of ancient empires as well as power blocs align and face off — Germany and France in the West, Russia in Eurasia, Ottoman Turkey and Iran in the Middle East, and China and Japan in Asia. And part of the struggle is for control of the countries of the Global South, chiefly Africa and South America.

Perhaps this is just a continuation of that historical dialectic entering a new stage productive of new conflicts.


Andrew Anderson said...

Or maybe it's a simple as that the Brits have collectively lost their marbles. T. Hickey

If they haven't, it's no thanks to an inherently unjust, inherently unstable banking model that recurrently causes such things as the Great Depression and World War II.

Andrew Anderson said...

As for populism, here's a simple definition:

For the citizens; not for the banks and the rich.

So far, the MMT crowd has sided with the latter, not the former.

Kaivey said...

Larouche have loads of videos where they say it's the Brits who really run the world. They say their empire is still intact. I'm not sure if I believe that, but it is definitely Anglo-US. B

We know here how the World works and it's not pretty. That's why I put out all the videos about spirituality, metaphtsics, spiritual healing, physics, and anything uplifting to break up the bleakness a bit.

I'm going to a Quaker Meeting tomorrow and I will tell them about this site. Lots of people need to come here to get informed, but will they be able to handle it?

A few days back Konrad told me about a good record, so I sent it to my brother who rung me within 5 minutes saying he loved it. We got talking about Julian Assange who ad mimed a pop song I posted here. Then I spoke about Wikileaks and he couldn't believe what I was saying. I told him more and then he told me to stop as he said it was making him feel depressed. He didn't want to know, he said.

Konrad said...

Sorry for not posting. This dog thing hit me pretty badly. She used to sleep against my chest every night, in my arms. I miss her so much I feel drunk.

Kaivey said...

My mum loved dogs and we had them all through my early life. I loved them too and I would be heart broken when they went. My mum loved Cavalier King Charles's and they were so friendly and happy. Other than my mum, the dogs seemed to especially like me, I think, because i liked so much.

The last one she had would want me to throw the ball over and over again so he could run to get it but eventually he would become totally exhausted but he would still want you to throw the ball even though he was barely able to drag his body anymore until I would give up throwing it.

One of our dogs died prematurely and they had to put it down even though it was only a year old. He was in pain but when I saw him his tail started wagging like mad and I burst into tears.