Thursday, November 29, 2018

Jerome H. Powell — The Federal Reserve's Framework for Monitoring Financial Stability

It is a pleasure to be back at the Economic Club of New York. I will begin by briefly reviewing the outlook for the economy, and then turn to a discussion of financial stability. My main subject today will be the profound transformation since the Global Financial Crisis in the Federal Reserve's approach to monitoring and addressing financial stability. Today marks the publication of the Board of Governors' first Financial Stability Report. Earlier this month, we published our first Supervision and Regulation Report. Together, these reports contain a wealth of information on our approach to financial stability and to financial regulation...
Mentions Hyman Minsky's view on financial instability.

Board of Governors, Federal Reserve
The Federal Reserve's Framework for Monitoring Financial Stability
Jerome H. Powell, Chairman

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To our thinking, Chair Powell’s speech was a stroke of genius. By easing the Fed’s public stance on rates, he puts all the responsibility for near term market direction on President Trump’s shoulders as he prepares to meet Chinese President Xi at the G20….
Nicholas Colas, DataTrek

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