Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Links — 20 Nov 2018

Armstrong Economics
Did Browder Have Magnitsky Killed?
Martin Armstrong

Dances with Bears
John Helmer

Uneasy Money
Was There a Blue Wave?
David Glasner | Economist at the Federal Trade Commission

Mind Nature: Red Pill or Blue Pill?
Ken McLeod

Caitlin Johnstone — Rogue Journalist
Life Secrets
Caitlin Johnstone

Intel Today
RussiaGate — Adam Carter : “My Turn to Speak”

Strategic Culture Foundation
The Iranian Albatross the US Has Hung Around Its Own Neck
Alastair Crooke | founder and director of the Conflicts Forum, and former British diplomat and senior figure in British intelligence and in European Union diplomacy

Moon of Alabama
U.S. Busts APEC Summit With Tariff Demands - New York Times Blames China

Trump administration slaps new sanctions to punish Iran and Syria
Caitlin Oprysko

Sputnik International
US Sanctions Iran, Russian Companies Over Alleged Oil Shipments to Syria

Time to loosen 'constricting belt' over self-centered mentality

Chinese schools to debut AI textbooks in 2019
China Plus

The awakening of an innovative China

40 years on: Photos show China now and then
China Daily

Countdown begins for 5G commercialization
China Daily

China sends 5 satellites into orbit via single rocket


Konrad said...

Was There a Blue Wave?

No. There was a blue shift in the tide. Freshman Democrats are calling for Universal Medicare. Many don’t want the Nancy Pelosi as neoliberal House Speaker. Two are questioning Israeli evil, which is unprecedented.

As a result of these changes, neoliberals have become so worried that are having Trump plant editorials in newspapers, falsely claiming, for example, that expanded Medicare will destroy Medicare.

At present, the Democrat Party is still ruled by servants of war, Wall Street, and neoliberalism, which they camouflage via identity politics. (“I deserve to be Speaker of the House again, because I am a woman!”)

However we are seeing a gradual but unstoppable demographic shift of tectonic proportions. Up to now, neoliberals have used white stupidity to make whites consistently vote against whites’ own interests. For example, many whites oppose Universal Medicare because they can’t stand the thought that non-whites would benefit alongside whites. As a result of this hatred, whites are stampeding toward eventual extinction in the USA.

Meanwhile demographic changes continue, and they will have increasingly profound consequences.

Right-wing Franko-fools fear that when whites become a minority, the USA will become a Latin-style “sh*thole country.” However it is white Westerners that create “sh*thole countries” in the first place, by promoting neoliberalism, and by attacking any alternative to neoliberalism.

I am 100% white. If my race becomes extinct, I shall not mourn. I am not a “self-hating white,” since I do not hate myself. I hate white greed and stupidity.

Konrad said...

Life Secrets
by Caitlin Johnstone

“The way to democratize power is for society to awaken to the fact that this is all made of stories, and we can change those stories whenever we want.” ~ Caitlin Johnstone

Yes. One aspect of the story that I am presently focusing on (following Michael Hudson) is the neoliberal narrative that parasitic creditors are morally superior to their host debtors. The narrative that rentiers are “better” than their tenants, that owners are “better” than their slaves, and that debt is “better” than sharing.

This is the neoliberal narrative. It eventually destroys civilizations.

“Most of our experience is dictated by habits of thought and perception, most of which we formed in early childhood.”

Yes. 80% of our personality and our mental habits are formed between birth and age eight. The other 20% we form through the rest of our lives. This is why it is crucial to start filling kids’ head with lies when kids are very young (e.g. the holocaust™).

“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” ~ Alexander Pope, 1734.

Konrad said...

U.S. military targets growing Russian and Chinese influence in Latin America

Warmongers and imperialists refer to Latin America as the USA’s “back yard,” meaning they think of Latin America an outhouse in the rear, or a sh*thole out back. Such arrogance is wearisome.

Is the USA in Canada’s “back yard”? Is the USA Latin America’s “front yard”?

As places like Brazil and Argentina become neoliberal nightmares, Washington is increasingly worried that neoliberalism will cause more and more revolts in Latin America, especially if the revolts are supported by Russia or China.

Maduro of Venezuela has Chinese help. Cuba had Soviet help. Will Latin rebels have Russian help?

China offers investment and opportunities. The USA offers debt and neoliberalism. Russia seeks win-win-type deals on a national scale. The USA offers win-win-type deals on a class scale (what’s best for neoliberals in the USA and abroad?).

“Both nations are using these commercial ties to support Latin American regimes that violate human rights…”


Right there I bailed on the article, as my bullshit meter shifted to the red.