Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Tucker vs. Shapiro

LK picked this up, pretty good discussion:


Konrad said...

Shapiro, like all neoliberals, says that capitalism and the so-called “free market” are wonderful.

Shapiro, like all neoliberals, is a liar, since he is anti-free-market. He defends crime-ridden banks getting countless billions in government bailouts. He defends Israel getting countless billions in U.S. government handouts. He defends big corporations getting countless billions in local government tax breaks. He defends corporate CEOs using company money for stock buybacks, rather than using the money to create jobs and to do R&D.

Shapiro, like all neoliberals, loves socialism and “big government” as long as it benefits only the rich.

Shapiro, like all neoliberals, says that only workers should suffer. If workers’ jobs are eliminated by robots and other technology, then workers should move, or change careers, starting over from the bottom. Rich people and shareholders should never have to make concessions for the good of society.

Shapiro, like all neoliberals, is a P.O.S.

Kaivey said...

I'm inspired, Tucker Carlson seems like a nice guy!

Noah Way said...

Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

Tucker is an opportunist. Tucker's own show show was cancelled after Jon Stewart completely embarrassed him on it. He's found a new act and ditched the bow tie.

Search "Jon Stewart on Crossfire".

Kaivey said...

I'll look for that, Noah.