Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Asa - Winstanley - Watch the film Labour MPs didn’t want you to see

The official online debut of the new film WitchHunt has arrived, and you can watch the entire thing in the video above.
The film has faced severe censorship, including a bomb threat which successfully canceled one preview.
It tells a story about Israel’s alliance with the global far-right that Israel’s supporters would rather you not hear.
Acclaimed British directors Mike Leigh and Peter Kosminsky have praised WitchHunt.
Leigh said it “exposes with chilling accuracy the terrifying threat that now confronts democracy.”
Kosminsky said it “packs a powerful punch” and is “telling a story we just aren’t hearing at the moment.”
Last month, left-wing member of Parliament Chris Williamson was suspended as a Labour Party member – after a long campaign by Israel lobby groups against him.
Williamson had booked a room in Parliament on behalf of the group Jewish Voice for Labour so that WitchHunt could be screened.
But it was canceled after the Labour leadership came under severe pressure by right-wing and pro-Israel Labour MPs.
Unless Williamson’s Labour suspension is reversed before the next election, the move will make it hard for him to return as an MP.
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