Sunday, March 24, 2019

Caitlin Johnstone - Russiagate Skeptics Rightly Boast About Being Proven 100% Correct

Egg on face! 
I wonder if the Guardian will still remove my posts when I tell them it was liberal conspiracy theory. 
Russiagate is looking like this generation’s WMD - a catastrophe for the reputation of the news media:
— Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi) March 23, 2019
Caitlin Johnstone
There is nothing more epic than a Youtube video by Jimmy Dore immediately after he has been proven right about something. It's thunderous. It's unequivocal. And it happens a lot.
"Now, I've gotten Russiagate right here," Dore said in a new videofollowing revelations about the finalized Mueller report that there will be no further indictments, leaving the grand total of Americans charged with Russian conspiracy at exactly zero.
"I did that in my garage," Dore added. "Those other stations didn't do that. Not because they don't have the resources I have. They did that 'cause they didn't want to. They did that 'cause they weren't interested in the truth. They did that because what they wanted to do was fuckin' get Donald Trump so bad they were willing to turn off their critical thinking skills and just listen to their lizard brains. And they wrecked America in the process. And we stood up against it, and we got smeared for standing up against it, and we still get smeared."
Caitlin Johnstone 
Jimmy Dore - 


Konrad said...

The end of Mueller's "investigation" has left half of America in grief, shock, and denial. People are pretending that the Russia-gate hoax is still alive and well. They say there “still are a great many unanswered questions,” and that the “real” truth will come out any day now. They say that no collusion does not mean no collusion. They say there will be indictments when Mueller is finished (even though Mueller is finished, and Mueller says there will be no indictments). They say the Mueller investigation was biased and unfair, since Mueller is a Republican. A whole new investigation is desperately needed. They say that Mueller just needed a little more time. They say that Mueller himself is now a Russian agent.

Just yesterday Robert “Beta” O’Rourke on the campaign trail dismissed Mueller’s finding, saying that Trump “beyond the shadow of a doubt sought to collude with the Russian government, a foreign power.”

Over at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow looks like she’s going to cry because Trump didn’t commit treason. (Or maybe because Maddow spent two years making as ass of herself.) Chris Hayes’ glasses are all fogged up. Twitter is banning people who laugh at Maddow’s and Hayes’ tears.

Seriously, now that the Russia-gate hoax is no more, what will Maddow talk about?

GLH said...

Maddow, Hayes, Pelosi and all of the other dumbasses, including the media, should have thought ahead some and realized how they would look when the truth came out. If they had any common sense whatsoever they would quit talking about it now but they won't. Trump is going to beat them over the head with this for the rests of his term. In fact, their stupidity may be what gets Trump re-elected. They are all a bunch of dumbasses.

Ralph Musgrave said...

"I wonder if the Guardian will still remove my posts when I tell them it was liberal conspiracy theory." The answer is: "probably yes". The Guardian is about as keen on free speech as Hitler or Stalin.

My comments after articles at the Guardian are what they call "pre-moderated", i.e. they don't publish them till several days later, if at all. But by that time interest in the article has largely evaporated. I.e. pre-moderation effectively equals censorship.

Kaivey said...

Hey, that happened to me, Ralph, my commented are pre-moderated too. When I first got moderated i felt guilty, then it started happening more and more.

They had an article about a City of London advert which showed pure opulence and some of the public had complained. Underneath were all these people defending the C.o.L saying how it brought prosperity to a the Uk.

I found a recent police report on-line which said the C.o.L was the financial crime centre of world, and I out some extracts from it with a link. I thought had a bulls-eye at those that defended the C.o.L, but the Guardian removed it saying it did not abide by community standards.

So, I found an Independent newspaper article saying the same thing. I figured as it was from a mainstream newspaper it would be okay, but the Guardian removed that as well.

Noah Way said...

Trump is toast in 2020, but it does look like he will finish this term. Independents elected him but he's lost their support.

As to the media, I'd say their ratings are on par with congress. The Matt Taibbi piece really summed it up well for anyone with half a brain. Unfortunately that only appears to be half the population (or less).

Konrad said...

“Independents elected him but he's lost their support.


Until early January 2019, I was confident that Trump would be re-elected, since the Democrats had nothing to offer except identity politics and the Russia-gate hoax. By the end of 2019 I was positive that Trump wouldn't be re-elected. Democrats hate him, and his own based has deserted him.

> He caved on his border wall, which for some people was the whole reason they voted for him
> He repeatedly lied that the wall was “being built”
> He now says he wants as many immigrants to come in as possible in order to “boost corporate profits” (i.e. drive down wages)
> The Venezuela regime change campaign
> His extreme opposition to Medicare for All
> He is now the most sycophantic of all US presidents toward Israel and Saudi Arabia
> He lets his son-in-law Kushner run his Middle East policy
> He has reversed himself on the Syria pullout
> He has does nothing about online censorship
> He has done nothing to help the economy
> He keeps throwing record amounts of money at the Pentagon
> His trade war with China is childish

Trump will finish his term, but he won’t get another. If nothing else, he will be swept out by changing demographics. The era of old (70+) white men is over. In fact, the corporate media outlets keep claiming that Joe Biden is the most popular Democrat candidate (even though Biden is not a candidate) just to scare Democrats into voting for Kamala Harris.

Trump is a buffoon. If we were living in a true meritocracy (instead of this clown world) he would be shining shoes or washing dishes.

Noah Way said...

Sanders will wipe the floor with Biden. Independents aren't going for Joe no matter what. It should be a slam dunk but the stupidity of 'Mericans is legendary.

Konrad said...

On the other hand the Democrats could still screw up so badly that they hand Trump a second term.

For example, in the video below at 18:45, Bill Maher says, “Did the Democrats put too much trust in the Mueller report? Because I don’t need the Mueller report to know Trump is a traitor. I have a TV.”

Maher thought this was clever, but the rest of humanity did a collective face-palm.

“Is he actually claiming that the corrupt corporate media outlets are the only sources of truth? My God.”

A series of gaffs like that could get Trump re-elected.

These days the only people who watch the corporate news TV channels are conservatives who look for things to satirize. Everyone else gets his news from myriad sources on the Internet.

Konrad said...

"Sanders will wipe the floor with Biden."

As I said, Biden is not even formally a candidate. The media are using Biden to scare Democrats into voting for Kamala Harris. The media are also using Robert "Beta" O'Rourke for the same purpose: scare Democrats into voting for Kamala, the female Obama.

Kamala Harris has everything. She's black, female, ultra-neoliberal, and ultra-devoted to war, Wall Street, and Israel. She's so ambitious that she even married a Jew in order to get into the US Senate. (Beta O'Rourke married a Jew to get into the US House.) Beta comes from an affluent white area in El Paso TX, a city that is 80% Hispanic. Nobody trusts this goofy clown, who arrives at his speeches on a skateboard, and has no platform except to wildly gesticulate with his hands.

If Biden ever became a serious contender, he would instantly and effortlessly be #MeToo'ed into oblivion. There are so many shady things in his past, and there are so many creepy photos of him on the Internet (gay, pedophile, etc) that Biden could be destroyed in a heartbeat.



Speaking of El Paso TX, just across the bridge is Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. Do you remember how, from about 1995 to 2005, the corporate media outlets portrayed Ciudad Juarez as the “femicide” capital of the world? The media repeatedly claimed that every day, more women were murdered in Ciudad Juarez than anywhere else on the planet. It was a bloodbath. The streets were rivers of women’s blood.

The US corporate media outlets broadcast this nonsense because cities like El Paso TX lost all their shopping dollars to cities like Ciudad Juarez, which is much cleaner, cheaper, and more modern than is El Paso. And the people in Ciudad Juarez have much better attitudes than the people in El Paso.

Ciudad Juarez is so much better than El Paso that Whites and Hispanics in El Paso do much of their shopping in Ciudad Juarez. I have been to both cities many times.

Never underestimate the importance of shopping money and tourist money. The entire “sonic attack” nonsense about Cuba was an attack on Cuba’s tourist industry, which is booming because Cuba is the only Caribbean place not destroyed by neoliberalism. In the case of North Korea, the US government outlawed US tourism altogether. Washington doesn't want North Korea to get American tourist dollars, and doesn't want Americans experiencing North Korea for themselves, as they might get ideas. (Free housing, free education, free medical care, etc etc.)

Kaivey said...

Your supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

So, after years of searching, looking at everything in fine detail and finding absolutely nothing, they still say he's guilty. But with not a shread of evidence. Nothing!

Konrad said...

"They still say he's guilty, but with not a shred of evidence. Nothing!"

It's called moving the goal posts. "I don't need the Mueller report to know that Putin put Trump in office."

The entire "indict Trump" thing was silly to begin with. The US Constitution says that no US President can be indicted while in office (because otherwise, every US president would have 10,000 politically motivated lawsuits against him).

The US Senate could hold a hearing (i.e. impeach Trump) but this would restore the loyalty of Trump's base, which Trump has lost. So it's a lot of talk about nothing. No one cares about it. No one watches CNN except passengers stranded in airport waiting areas.

Many Russia-gate hoaxers are now on suicide watch. And the twit below will have to live with this thing for the rest of his life. (See image.)

Noah Way said...

Biden hasn't announced because once he does financial reporting requirements start. Right now he's just collecting as much dough as he can because dinosaurs think that money wins elections.

Most of the country right now is pretty tired of money winning elections.

Konrad said...

“Most of the country right now is pretty tired of money winning elections.”

Most of the country is also tired of corrupt old neoliberal whites winning elections.

Whether white baby boomers like it or not, there are demographic shifts under way, and old white neoliberal politicians (e.g. Nancy Pelosi) are gradually being edged out by progressive young newcomers (e.g. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - AOC) who are open to MMT for example.

These newcomers frighten the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which mainly consists of old white neoliberal incumbent Representatives in the US House. (The US Senate is a different game.)

The DCCC sees a lot more AOCs on the horizon, and the DCCC is terrified. New waves of progressive anti-neoliberal candidates. In the US House you must run for office every two years, and whenever the incumbents try to sh*t on AOC, she puts them on her list to be “primaried.” That is, AOC vows to help whatever newcomer challenges them in the next election.

Again, AOC is part of the New Wave, which is open to horrendous concepts like MMT.

In an attempt to stop AOC and other progressives like her, the DCCC has blacklisted firms that work with new progressive challengers. That is, the DCCC won’t give any money to those firms. So if you are not rich, and you have no political experience, it will be almost impossible for you to run for congress against a neoliberal incumbent. You're new to the Washington cesspool, and you don't know how to swim in it. You don’t know the right people.

EXPLANATION: if you want to run for Congress, and you have little political experience, you can hire myriad different firms to do your legwork. These firms make sure that your paperwork is filed correctly. The firms handle mailings, marketing, demographic research, and so on. Until now, you could apply to the DCCC for money to help you hire these firms.

In the current environment, more and more women want to hire these firms so the women can get into politics. Most of these women favor green jobs, a living wage, and Medicare for All. Most are not neoliberals. Most are like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Some (gasp!) even fail to grovel to Israel (e.g. Rep. Ilhan Omar).

Thus, it is not only incumbents that fear the New Wave, it’s also ZOG (the Zionist Occupational Government). This is why Jews are so furious with Rep. Ilhan Omar. She is part of the New Wave, which includes Muslims. The Jews fear demographics.

Average white nationalists fear these female firecrackers, and in so doing the right-wingers cut their own throats, since the New Wave females are mostly anti-neoliberal.

Three days ago (22 March 2019) the DCCC blacklisted political firms that work with anti-neoliberal newcomers. That is, the DCCC won’t give them any money. Why now? Because in the first quarter of an off-year, many potential candidates are thinking about whether they want to jump into a race. The US House will have elections next year, and progressive newcomers are thinking now about whether they want to run next year. So the DCCC wants to make sure that newcomer candidates cannot hire political firms to help them unless the candidates are neoliberals. The DCCC doesn’t want any more AOCs. It doesn’t want anyone else talking about MMT and Medicare for All. It doesn’t want anyone else defying Israel.

It won’t work, because the DCCC cannot stop demographic changes. Even the Jews cannot stop demographic changes.

This also explains why the corporate media outlets are giving so much coverage to Robert “Beta” O’Rourke, a buck-toothed little pervert who acts like he’s part of the new wave, but is actually an arch-neoliberal, and is fanatically pro-Wall Street and pro-Israel.

The Great Black Hope is Kamala Harris, who is female like the New Wave, but is an arch-neoliberal. The DCCC hopes to use her to stave off the progressives.

It won’t work. The neoliberal dinosaurs are now being pushed toward extinction.

Konrad said...

Oh my.

Farther above in this thread, I wrote, "Many Russia-gate hoaxers are now on suicide watch. And the twit below will have to live with this thing for the rest of his life. (See image.)"

The image showed a guy with an image of Robert Mueller tattooed on his back before the Russia-gate hoax ended. Now so many people are laughing at him that he removed the image from the Internet.

You can still see it in this 9-minute YouTube video. The host interviews the guy with the Mueller tattoo...