Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Democracy Now - U.N. Finds Israel Intentionally Shot Children, Journalists & the Disabled During Gaza Protests

They trying to make criticizing Zionism illegal by calling it anti-Semitism. If Iran was doing this to women, the disabled, and children there would be an outcry in the media and Western politicians would be up in arms. But no, nothing,  we are just told Iran is the force for terrorism in the World.

YISRAEL KATZ: [translated] This report is another chapter in the theater of the absurd produced occasionally by the United Nations Human Rights Council, another hostile, mendacious and slanted report against the state of Israel. It’s a report based on distorted information, in which the facts were not at all checked, whose only purpose is to slander the only democracy in the Middle East and harm our right to self-defense in the face of the terrorism of a murderous organization. The state of Israel outright rejects this report.
AMY GOODMAN: Norm Finkelstein, the significance of Israel saying it rejects the report?
NORMAN FINKELSTEIN: Well, Israel has always rejected the reports, whether they come from the United Nations or, more often than not, they come from reputable human rights organizations, like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch or the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem. So it’s not as if—to use the words of the person you just had on, it’s not as if it’s a typically mendacious U.N. report. It’s a report that falls in line with the findings of every reputable human rights organization.
AMY GOODMAN: What most struck you about this report?
NORMAN FINKELSTEIN: What most struck me about the report was it was remarkably honest. It was very forthright in its conclusions. And it didn’t fake this kind of balance, which most human rights organizations, even reputable ones, attempt between Israel and the United States. So, just to take a couple of examples, it forthrightly stated that Israel targets intentionally children during these demonstrations. 
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lastgreek said...

For the love of a Southern Belle! The U.N. is "anti-Semitic." So there you go. The U.N. finding is moot -- that, and the hard geopolitical fact that the US Congress couldn't give a rat's ass about the hapless Palestinians.

PS: I've never read Gone with the Wind. Probably because it's taking me forever to read Moby Dick :(

Noah Way said...

The US congress doesn't give a rat's ass about anything other than the next bribe and insider trading tip.

Israel is the Nazi Germany of the new millennium.

GLH said...

The problem is I can read about Israel here and a few other sites but I never hear about it on the evening "news." The so called news shows only tell about the weather and denigrate Trump. Of course I do hear a few lies about Venezuela. People who don't have time to search the web have no concept of reality.

Unknown said...

The public is grossly misinformed.

Propaganda works.

Bob Roddis said...

I would unequivocally support Rep. Oman reading the highlights of that report into the Congressional Record. Daily.

lastgreek said...

And since we are speaking of anti-Semitism, two of the biggest anti-Semites in the Trump administration are VP Pence and SS Pompeo.

I'd like to add an anecdote about Ann Coulter's horrible anti-Semitic remarks, but I'm in a bit of a hurry. Maybe some other time :)

Konrad said...

Is the tide beginning to turn?

Today in the US House, Jewish members wanted all members to pass yet another resolution condemning “anti-Semitism,” but things didn’t go as planned. The main target was Ilhan Omar, a black Muslim female, who Jews and Republicans want expelled from Congress.

Rep. Omar is ‘guilty” for saying that AIPAC exists, and that the AIPAC lobby is a lobby. She is also “guilty” for implying that Jews who are loyal to a foreign country (i.e. Israel) are loyal to a foreign country.

As Jewish members pressed for a vote, members of the Congressional Black Caucus protested that Democrat leaders were hypocrites because they remain silent about Republican racist behavior, especially that of Trump.

While this occurred, Trump tweeted that all Democrats are “shameful anti-Semites.”

Other Democrats noted the hypocrisy of attacking Ilhan Omar while Republican lawmakers attack Jews with no retribution. This week, for example, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) (Jewish) accused Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) of anti-Semitism for a tweet referring to Tom Steyer, a Jewish Democratic donor, as “Tom $teyer.”

As the bickering continued, the resolution against questioning Israeli evil morphed into a resolution against “religious hatred,” which includes hatred toward Muslims like Rep. Ilhan Omar.

This made Jews furious. They want to chop off Ms. Omar’s head.

Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) raised his voice and said that people like Ilhan Omar have tortured Jewish “victims” all their lives.

Some Democrats said the entire House needed to grovel to Jews and condemn Ms. Omar so that Democrats could have unity against Republicans.

Ms. Omar herself did not speak at all.

In the end, the Jews did not get their resolution passed, or even voted on. If this issue comes up again for a vote, the resolution will be greatly watered down and non-specific. This will be a first.

Is the tide beginning to turn?

Ryan Harris said...

I wonder why anti-Semitism has become so common and acceptable in UK and NY effete elite again? Brits try to hide behind Zionism as the reason but it's clearly more than that. A day doesn't go by that the London rags aren't taking some thinly veiled swipe at all Jews and then blaming something the Israeli military did in Gaza. As if any Jew in the diaspora has any control or responsibility for IDF actions. When the Turks or Saudis kill Kurds or Yemenis, we don't find hate acceptable to express towards ordinary citizens or Islam, yet with Jews, totally ok to talk about IDF as if it were "Zionist" individuals or all of Israelis or all Jews. Hmm. Seems a double standard. Zionists are Jews that believe in Israel. The right of Israel to exist isn't the problem. Come on people.

S400 said...

Actually it’s Ryan who through a muddy blaming argument who creates a double standard blaming argument.