Sunday, March 10, 2019

U.S. Propaganda Proven False

Very similar to propaganda which got us into Vietnam and Iraq wars.  
“Each of the trucks burned by Maduro carried 20 tons of food and medicine,” Senator Marco Rubio wrote on Twitter, repeating a claim posted by a Colombian news network that was on the scene. “This is a crime and if international law means anything he must pay a high price for this.”

Contacted by The Times about the footage Saturday, a spokesman for Mr. Rubio did not address who burned the trucks, saying in a statement that “Maduro bears full responsibility for the destruction of humanitarian aid.”
The video contains proof that anti-Maduro thugs throwing Molotov cocktails set the trucks on fire.
U.S. officials who have been agitating for a regime change war in Venezuela – Marco Rubio, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, the head of USAid Mark Green – used Twitter to spread classic Fake News: they vehemently stated that the trucks were set on fire, on purpose, by President Nicolas Maduro’s forces... independent journalists – the kind who question rather than mindlessly repeat government claims and are therefore mocked and marginalized and kept off mainstream television – used exactly this same evidence on the day of the incident to debunk the lies being told by Rubio, Pompeo, Bolton and CNN.


Konrad said...

I saw this. It’s strange that the New York Times video went partially off-narrative, and reprinted what independent investigators had already exposed.

Still, the video did blame Venezuela’s economic problems totally on Maduro’s “authoritarian rule and economic mismanagement.”

The US-led economic war has nothing to do with it.

The Koch brothers want Venezuela’s heavy oil, but this is irrelevant.

Bolton, Pompeo, and Elliot Abrams are proven psychopaths, but this is irrelevant.

The USA has been attacking Chavez (and now Maduro) since 1999, but this is irrelevant.

Venezuela has been sanctioned, embargoed, and blockaded, and all its financial assets overseas have been stolen, but this is irrelevant.

Rubio et. al. lied about the burning aid trucks, but they have told the truth about everything else.


Naturally the NYT video ignores the tons of humanitarian aid that are arriving in Venezuela from Russia, China, and elsewhere.

A Counterpunch article describes how the US-backed opposition hired thugs to throw Molotov cocktails on the bridge that had the aid trucks. The thugs later became violent when they were not paid what they were promised. More thugs hired inside Venezuela physically attacked Congressman José Antonio Olivares (a Guaidó supporter) when they were not paid.

None of this is new. After the US government perpetrated 9-11 with Israeli help, Rumsfeld falsely claimed on TV that “al Qaeda” had vast underground fortresses (cities almost) located around the world. Here’s a 40-second clip…

And now the liars claim that Venezuela is crawling with Hezbollah, who we are supposed to fear because Hezbollah stomped Israel. Twice.

Venezuela relies on hydroelectric dams for its electricity. The Maduro government says it will present proof at the UN that the USA sabotaged the dams, causing blackouts.

The whole thing is just another oil grab, wrapped in endless lies.

Incidentally, I notice that crude oil prices have been steadily rising since late 28 Dec 2018, which was just before the US-led Empire began this latest assault on Venezuela.

Konrad said...


Below: Jimmy Dore reminds us that the “ebil dicktaters” Hugo Chavez and then Nicolas Maduro sent free heating oil to 1.7 million poor Americans in 25 states and the District of Columbia from 2005 until the US government blocked the program last year.

In 2005, hurricanes Katrina and Rita caused dwindling oil supplies, plus skyrocketing fuel costs. Some of the poorest and most vulnerable Americans, including elderly people on fixed incomes, were forced to choose between heating their homes or providing food, clothing or medicine for themselves and their families.

Since that first winter in 2005, CITGO provided 227 million gallons of free heating oil worth an estimated $465 million to an average of 153,000 US households each year.

Also benefitting were some 252 Native American communities and 245 homeless shelters.

In 2012, Obama and Congress reduced funding by 25 percent for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), cutting off an estimated one million US households from desperately needed assistance just as winter's worst chill, accompanied by record heating oil prices, set in.

Fortunately, the CITGO-Venezuela Heating Oil Program was able to assist an estimated 400,000 Americans in 2012.

Now the US government has blocked this, because the US government doesn’t care about Americans. The government only cares about launching wars, and making rich people richer.

Jimmy Dore...

Kaivey said...

This made me laugh, it's a bit like if you drown, then you were not a witch, but if you float, then you are and you are sentenced to death anyway. You're done for either way.

"American officials also noted that, whatever the circumstances, they held Mr. Maduro responsible because he blocked the aid trucks that day, punishing Venezuelans in need."

Konrad said...

Faleminderit që keni vizituar

Joe said...

Looks like the CIA fucked up on this one. You're supposed to have the agent provocateurs appear to be working for Maduro. Not really sure how you could have done it with this "aid" publicity stunt... Has Abrams lost a step?

Detroit Dan said...

"American society" includes you and me. We have differing opinions on some things. That's okay. The important thing is to try to work through them together, as opposed to calling each other names.

You point out some interesting contradictions, but the "Israeli filth" comment doesn't help, in my opinion.