Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Noel Edmonds - Spank the Banker - Trailer

The Greatest Bank Robbery in history-Coming to a cinema near you.

Business as usual!


Spank the Banker is a story about the biggest bank robbery in history of UK - the looting of 100,000 small businesses by their own corporate bankers. Made by BAFTA award-winning director Samir Mehanovic, we follow the intimate stories of six ordinary individuals who fought back against a corrupt financial system.


Konrad said...

Bankers push for austerity, because austerity makes their victims more reliant on predatory loans. However it is politicians that actually mandate austerity in the US and UK.

Michael Hudson is right. A society dooms itself the minute it lets bankers have supreme power.


Speaking of the UK, a group of five mothers are so disgusted by pornography that they will use their obese middle-aged bodies to make porn themselves, and show it to their kids.

One mother was so horrified by online porn that she vomited. Another was so traumatized that the group decided to profit from it.



Feminists oppose porn, sex dolls, sex robots, and sex workers because these items decrease sexual frustration in males, and thereby decrease feminist power.

Yesterday I saw a tee-shirt on a woman that said, “I have the pus*y. Therefore I make the rules.”

Male sexual frustration also causes more crime, which in turn justifies ever-increasing budgets for police, prisons, and prosecutors.

Best of all, male sexual frustration keeps the peasants from uniting against their rich owners.

The UK government has decided to use porn, not ban it. On 1 April 2019, Theresa May’s government will start forcing people to verify their identities in order to watch porn. To access a porn site, you must first go to a page that will require official documentation such as a passport. In effect, you must obtain a wanking license.

This will be a gourmet feast for hackers, identity thieves, and Leftist doxxers.

(It’s all about protecting the kiddies. Police state intrusion is always about protecting the kiddies.)

Soon you will be required to verify your identity to get on the Internet so you can be prosecuted for “holocaust denial” for having just glanced at a historical revisionist web page.

“Click-bait” traps will trick people into visiting taboo web sites.

Don’t believe it? Such things are always unbelievable before they happen.

Kaivey said...

'Yesterday I saw a tee-shirt on a woman that said, “I have the pus*y. Therefore I make the rules.”

They have a lot of control over us, Konrad :)

Konrad said...

Spank the Bankers notes that these banker crimes occurred after the UK government bailed out the banks in 2008.

Michael Hudson says the US government should have let the banks fail.

The guy with the bushy hair (British TV presenter Noel Edmonds) attempted suicide on 18 Jan 2005 after being defrauded by Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS plc), which is now owned by the notorious Lloyds Bank. HBOS used fraud to steal Edmonds’s £60m business called Unique Group, which had supplied audio programming to the BBC and independent radio.

Spank the Bankers includes secretly-filmed episodes of bankers caught unawares revealing their crimes, and of bank-hired goons repossessing the homes of victims of bank fraud.

Bank crimes continue today. British politicians know all about it, and they are paid to let it happen. Bank executives fire internal whistle-blowers, falsify documents, and use blackmail to block exposure of their crimes. They also pay £1.5 billion in legal fees every year. Naturally British TV shows none of this.

Fortunately I live in the USA, which is exactly the same

Konrad said...

"They have a lot of control over us, Konrad.

Women by themselves are helpless and powerless.

The only control women have is what men choose to give them.

Unfortunately, most men choose to give supreme power to women, who then claim to be "victims."

Once again, women only get away with this because men choose to let them.