Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Rob Larson — Capitalist Freedom Is a Farce

Milton Friedman was wrong. Capitalism doesn't foster freedom — it produces autocratic workplaces and tyrannical billionaires....
Another paradox of liberalism that arises from economic liberalism and affects social and political liberalism, too.

Capitalist Freedom Is a Farce
Rob Larson


Andrew Anderson said...

Another paradox of liberalism that arises from economic liberalism ... Tom Hicks

What is liberal about a government-subsidized/privileged usury cartel?

What is liberal about not allowing citizens to use fiat except for mere physical fiat, paper bills and coins?

What is liberal about driving the population into debt with what is, in essence, the public's credit but for private gain?

What is liberal about dis-employing the public with what is, in essence, the public's credit but for private gain?

Gee wiz, Tom. Government for the rich doesn't work and there's no paradox involved there.

Kaivey said...

In the Middle Ages people only did about two to three days work a week. Craftsmen often only worked when they needed money, then they would rest for a few weeks, or even months.

Okay. There were famines and disease, and we wouldn't want to go back to that. But endless hours at work is soul destroying. Cogs in a machine.

People enjoy work, in fact, psychologists say we get more pleasure from our work than we do being consumers. But the endless protestant work ethic has destroyed that.

Before I bought a property I had loads of leisure time, and my union banned overtime to increase employment. I had every weekend off. Such happy memories of just doing what I enjoy. Them privatization and neoliberalism came, and the unions allowed overtime because so people could afford a home.

Konrad said...

“People enjoy work, but the endless protestant work ethic has destroyed that.”

Bankers have reduced the “protestant work ethic” to slavery. Everyone must run faster and faster on the hamster wheel for the bankers.

I just saw an article about how millennials (ages 20-40) are so loaded with debt (including student loan debt) that all of their money goes to paying rent, and paying the bankers for student loans. Millennials can never hope to buy a house or a new car. They eat out once a month or less. Famous store chains that use to cater to the middle class are now extinct. The bankers steal it all.

Downward mobility and increasing hopelessness (especially among males) has mutated young people to the point where they don’t know if they are male or female, black or white, homosexual or heterosexual. Downward mobility, caused by the bankers, is why political correctness has become more militant than ever. It’s why everyone who isn't a while male is pathologically hyper-sensitive to any perceived slur or stereotype. Material anxiety fosters emotional anxiety and hostility.

Downward mobility is also why younger people are becoming more sympathetic to things like MMT and socialism. This terrifies older people who are comfortable, and who fear change. Older people selfishly imagine that “kids today have it easy,” and that, “Kids today want everything handed to them” (like everything was handed to previous generations after WW II).

Downward mobility is why people like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Ilhan Omar are making a huge splash. It’s why economists are desperately trying to debunk MMT so that the masses remain slaves of the bankers. It’s why homelessness is exploding in so many cities.

Downward mobility is also why the moron at the top (A.A.) babbles endlessly and incoherently, while quoting meaningless Jewish scribblings. (Same crap over and over and OVER.)

Ralph Musgrave said...

Old joke:

Capitalism is a system where one man exploits another.

Whereas under Communism it's the other way round.

edzimmer said...

Tom - Welcome back. Your were missed.