Monday, March 18, 2019

The U.S. - The Land of the Free

The Land of Innovation and Capitalism. The Exceptional Nation.


Konrad said...

Speaking of Norway, the Jimmy Dore video below is perhaps his funniest ever -- and I have seen them all.

Jimmy and his guests ridicule Meghan McCain, whose only “accomplishment” is to be the fat pig daughter of late war criminal.

(“Fat pig” is vulgar and insensitive. My apologies. Let me change that label to “fat DISGUSTING pig.”)

At 3:50, the morbidly obese McCain starts whining about socialism, saying “The average Venezuelan has lost 24 pounds because they’re starving to death!”

(If that was true, then Jabba-the-Hut McCain needs to spend time there.)

The show’s host interjects, “I think she’s talking more about Scandinavia.”

Jabba McCain comes back with, “Name one country where socialism has ever worked.”

The host answers, “Sweden. Finland. Denmark. NORWAY.”

Jabba McCain has no response except to keep blabbering about nothing.

The entire 13-minute video is as hilarious as McCain is nauseating. This was last July. Today she’s fatter than ever.

Konrad said...

Incidentally I would not call Finland “socialist.” Finland is the only Scandinavian country to adopt the euro. And since Finland has spent most of the last ten years having a trade deficit, Finland has spent most of the last ten years having to borrow all its euros. This makes socialism impossible. It also forces Finland’s national health system to be funded by tax dollars, and the Finnish health system is in trouble. This happens because the Finnish government cannot create its spending money out of thin air (unlike the UK and US governments).

However over the last five years, Finland has managed to diversify its economy to the point where, as of the end of Jan 2019, Finland became a net exporter of goods and services. If Finland can keep this up, then Finland can indeed become socialist if politicians allow it.

Despite its economic problems, higher education in Finland is tuition-free for all students coming from EU/EEA countries.

Meanwhile the UK and US government can literally afford anything, but their politicians claim to have “no money” to help the middle and lower classes.

GLH said...

Konrad and Kaivey: In case this site closes down tell us where else you make comments.

Konrad said...

GLH: I do not make comments anywhere else on the Internet, since I do not consider any other web site worthy of my commentary. However I am about to vanish anyway, for reasons that have nothing to do with this blog, or anyone on it. There are other things I want to do. They involve art and memes and satire and humor. Political satire and humor.

What I say would make more sense if you could see what I'm talking about. Maybe start my own blog. Or, preferably, a team blog that includes contributions from several of the people that comment here, such as you.

Anyway, this may be my last comment on this blog. I would stay if I could post my own content, plus images, but perhaps Mike Norman disapproves of me. I don't know.

What do you think?

Kaivey said...

Give us a link to your new site when it's ready, Konrad. Thanks!

Bob Roddis said...

The United States does not have "unfettered capitalism". You guys are telling the world that you know you have no case because you always lie. If you were secure in your beliefs, you wouldn't always lie.

Also, as an aside, I think you will find that Swedish and Norwegian Americans are doing better than the ones left in the home countries.

Konrad said...

I will so miss Roddis when I'm gone.


Anyway here’s an example of what I’m talking about. I’m good with graphics, and I would have fun if I could post satirical memes connected with trash like this…

Social Justice Warriors are now claiming that “toxic masculinity” begins at the moment of conception. When a twin boy and girl develop in a mother’s womb, the boy’s testosterone poisons the girl, causing her to suffer hidden birth defects all her life.

Moreover in-vitro fertilization has doubled the number of boy-girl twins, and thereby doubled the number of secretly crippled female “victims” (even though 60% of college students are female, and most of the top executives of tech giants and military contractors are now female).

Behold the next level in “male privilege.”

This “groundbreaking revelation” was announced in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which shows again that if you seek grant money for “research,” you must fabricate “proof” that all males are “privileged,” while all females are “victims.” The head of NASA is seeking more money from the US government by telling everyone that the first astronaut to Mars will be female. (Perhaps a black trans-sexual lesbian “woman”?)

If boys in the womb are “poisoning” their twin sisters, then why stop there? Boys “poison” their own mothers. Men “poison” the women they impregnant. Sisters will now start suing their twin brothers for damages, and mothers will start suing their own sons, plus whoever made them pregnant, whether it be a man or a sperm bank or whatever.

The same Social Justice Warriors who push this trash also claim that all this biological stuff is nonsense, and that sex is entirely a social construct.

Or how about this...

A man and a woman went to a fertility clinic in the USA and had the woman’s ova fertilized by the man’s sperm. The couple signed a contract specifying that both parties would have to consent before the fertilized embryos could be implanted in the woman to make children. The man and woman later separated.

Now, four years later, the woman wants to have the embryos implanted in her so she can make children and get 18 years of financial child support from her ex-partner. A court ruled against her, since she had signed a contract, but a higher court (consisting of three female justices) overruled this and said the woman can ignore the contract she signed, and she can get pregnant, and get child support from her ex-partner.

Reason: Male privilege.

Konrad said...

Or how about this…

Accused New Zealand shooter Brenton Tarrant clearly wrote in his manifesto that he wanted to accelerate the war on straight white males in order to trigger an eventual race war.

Elizabeth Warren loves Tarrant’s plan, and she vows to put it into effect if elected US president.

Yesterday Warren tweeted,

“As President of the United States, my Justice Department would go after white nationalists with full prosecution.”

More absurdity…

WeChat is the most popular Chinese social media app in China. A poll of over 2,000 Chinese people on WeChat found that after reading Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto, 76% of Chinese people agreed with it.

Who knew that China had over a billion WHITE NATIONALISTS?

One entry is titled “The words on the New Zealand shooter’s guns reflect the deep anxiety of European white men.” It has garnered at least 100,000 views, the maximum number of views on a post displayed by the platform.

On another social network, Weibo, Chinese people characterize the New Zealand shooting as a product of Western political correctness. Chinese people condemn baizuo (lit. “white left”) which means Social Justice Warriors.

Who knew that China had over a billion NAZIS?

Also, Chinese people disparage the “green religion,” which refers to Islam because of the significance of the color to the faith. “The green religion launches terrorist attacks everywhere, and now the attack finally comes to them. Green religion is backwards, stupid, barbaric, and violent,” said one comment.

Who knew that China had over a billion ISLAMOPHOBES?

The best way to deal with madness is with humor.

Konrad said...

Or how about this…

On 15 March 2019, police raided the house of Chad Vinzelberg, 37, for allegedly making a comment on social media in support of the Christchurch attack. Vinzelberg lives in a northern suburb of Adelaide. He has now been banned from the Internet and social media.

Or this...

A New Zealand man, 22, faces ten years in prison for allegedly sharing the footage of the Christchurch shooting with a friend. Police say that any individuals possessing copies of the video on their computer face fines and possible imprisonment.

Censorship causes violence, which causes more censorship, which causes more violence, which causes more censorship, which causes more violence, which causes more censorship -- and so on.

Kaivey said...

'Also, as an aside, I think you will find that Swedish and Norwegian Americans are doing better than the ones left in the home countries.'

Maybe so, Bob, but the U.S. with its crony capitalism is still cr*p for far too many people. Scandinavia is much better because of its social democracy.

Bob Roddis said...

"Crony capitalism" is not "unfettered capitalism".

It seems that it would literally kill all of you to be even the slightest bit rigorous in your definitions and in the use of English language words.

Kaivey said...

I was agreeing with you about that, Bob, but socialism is still better than unfettered capitalism. it's not a bad deal for the middle and working classes - the majority of people - in Norway. The U.S. had lots of oil too, but like in the U!K. the rich made off with it all.

Bob, no one wants libertarianism, not even the conservatives, because they are not that mad that they want to do away with the welfare state entirely. They believe there should be a safety net.

Noah Way said...

Socialism is the very last thing RODDIS wants. He doesn't want to be taxed for anything yet he still drives on public roads every day and even works in a public building (a courthouse).

Roddis is the very worst kind of greedy, self-centered, screaming me me hiding behind the self-contradictory pseudo-philiosophy of libertarianism - which claims to be non-violent but that would gleefully practice wide violence by denying health care and retirement benefits, among other things. The main supporters of this movement have openly called for the repeal of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Libertarianism is a thinly veiled racist movement supported by outspoken racists and Klan supporters like Murray Rothbard. RODDIS - by his own admission, adores Rothbard, continually cites his writings as the foundation for everything he believes in like segregation and the harsh police tactics necessary to enforce it.

Bob Roddis said...

They believe there should be a safety net.

Actually, they seem to believe that God wants Israel to kill millions of Arabs and that they have to help it along.

A safe, non-violent society in itself is a safety net and 150x better than the suicide-inducing pile of warm s*** we have now.

Anyone who insists that a safe, non-violent society would be bad for racial and ethnic minorities obviously has a very low opinion of those people. Libertarians think they will do just fine in a free society. So who's the racist now?

Finally, Hayek explained it all in "The Road to Serfdom". Socialism leads directly to Auschwitz, The Holodomor and the Khymer Rouge. In fact, that feature is what attracts most of its advocates.

Kaivey said...

'Finally, Hayek explained it all in "The Road to Serfdom"'

Except in Scandinavia they are free, and better off than most than most Americans.

Unknown said...

The holocaust was caused by socialism, LOL, retard. The Nazis were radical nationalist racists who fought against communism. Basic history.

RODDIS: You have failed to address the basic contradictions inherent in libertardianism or your statements of support for racists. You routinely misconstrue history in a pathetic attempt to support your idiotic inhumane ideology.

Did you ever wonder why your Klan hood looks like a dunce cap, or is that beyond your intellectual grasp?