Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Jonathon Pie (Tom Walker) on Centrism

Centrism also means never ending war! KV


Konrad said...

In corporate media-speak a neoliberal extremist is a “moderate” or a “centrist”

A populist is a “far right extremist.”

A person who seeks justice for all is a “Nazi.”

Tyrannical control is “the free market.”

Anything less than tyrannical control is “brutal communism”

A militant feminist is a “victim.”

Victims of Israeli atrocities are “human shields.”

Imperialist smash-and-grabs are about “bringing them democracy.”

Extreme inequality is “a strong economy”

MMT is “Zimbabwe.”

Konrad said...

@ Noah Way: Pelosi's days are numbered, because Western society is undergoing a demographic shift. Old white a**holes like Pelosi are gradually dying off, thereby opening up space for younger people to bring in everything from MMT to Medicare for All. The change is happening even now. Paradigm shift is under way now.

Culture and the social narrative are like evolution. A new generation's ideas can only rise when the old generation dies off and is bulldozed into landfills.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 79, continues to try and resist these demographic changes, and to take back control of the House from young progressive freshmen like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez et. al.

On 25 March 2019 Pelosi had House members attend a meeting at which former President Obama claimed that there was “no money” for progressive programs. (But there is limitless money for the Pentagon, plus corporate subsidies, plus Wall Street bailouts, etc.)

Obama chanted the chant...

Medicare for All? “How will you pay for it?”
Green New Deal? “How will you pay for it?”

Billions for Israel? “National security.”
Trillions for wars and weapons? “National security.”


Meanwhile white nationalists complain that white deaths are far outstripping white births, and that masses of immigrant “invaders” are changing everything.

Too bad. Whites caused the military and economic wars that created all these immigrant refugees. Whites brought about the neoliberalism that is causing whites to suffer debt bondage, downward mobility, and mass suicides. Whites spent decades worshipping Israel and imperialism. Whites invented nuclear weapons and the potential for nuclear war.

Now nature is now selecting whites for extinction. Or rather, whites are selecting themselves for extinction.

Media giants are also fighting this demographic shift. Corporate media outlets and social media platforms are all colluding to impose more and more censorship, not only to purge conservative views, but to take back control of the social narrative. Nobody under the age of 50 gets his news from the corporate media giants, or trusts the corporate media giants. People now get their news from each other. People no longer flock to see Hollywood excrement in theatres, where the ticket prices keep skyrocketing. People today create and share their own content on the web.

Again, this is all part of a demographic shift, and the tyrannical dinosaurs are trying to stop it. Today the European Parliament passed Article 13, which will radically censor the Internet, not for “hate speech,” but for alleged “copyright infringement.” Young Europeans rightly see this as an attack by the rich dinosaurs on the young.