Sunday, March 31, 2019

Free copy of Clint Balinger's 1000 Castaways: Fundamentals of Economics for 48 hours for MNE readers

From Clint Ballinger via email:
Hello Tom, could you post this on MN? I am making a Kindle version of the
book free for 48 hours for reviewers (rather than try to send paper galley
copies etc around the world). Anyone can take advantage of this though.
I think the UK mirror site is free as well.
The link is
The UK link is
Thanks! It is all day Sunday and Monday (US PAcific time cutoffs) 48 hours.


Clint Ballinger said...

Thanks Tom - know you are busy.

Tom Hickey said...

Thanks for providing it, Clint.

Magpie said...

That was very generous Clint. Thanks on my name and of all the others.

Kaivey said...

Thanks Tom and Clint. I've been busy recently and I nearly missed out on this.