Friday, March 29, 2019

Roger Waters - Stop The Evil Empire: Roger Waters says ‘the Coup’ in Venezuela has Failed

Roger Waters doesn't read the Guardian, he gets the the real news.

Mar. 25, 2019 The attempt by foreign powers to impose regime change in Venezuela has failed, ex-Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has said, adding that final victory over the “evil empire” was on the horizon. In a short video posted to Twitter, the famed English rock star and activist expressed disgust with those who supported Venezuela’s self-declared interim president Juan Guaido and his attempt to push President Nicolas Maduro out of office. “We were right about #RUSSIAGATE we’re right about VENEZUELA,” he wrote in a message accompanying the video clip, likely in reference to Robert Mueller’s special investigation finding no “collusion” between US President Donald Trump and the Kremlin. "To see a great experiment in Bolivarian socialism taking place in a great country like Venezuela, and to watch the evil empire destroy it, is sickening. It’s failed. The coup failed. Guaido can go back to being a thug on the street, or whatever it was that he did." He mocked the Western assertion that Maduro was a coldhearted dictator, noting that in a real totalitarian state, Guaido would have been detained and executed. Instead, he’s allowed to travel freely between Venezuela and Colombia. “Maybe Maduro needs to take lessons in evil dictatorship from some of the people supported by the United States of America,” the rock star joked. He ended his video with a short message to his fans. We are strong, and we are many, and we will win this battle in the end. Stop the evil empire.

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Konrad said...

The Empire is so demoralized that it can no longer cause regime changes. In a war against a real enemy, the Empire would be paralyzed with internal greed and political correctness. The corporate media outlets would chatter about nothing, as we saw with the Russia-gate hoax.

The Empire is a fortress whose walls are crumbling faster and faster. Inside the rubble, everyone is withdrawing to his little hut.

When the Empire is gone, Israel will be gone. All Jews will be expelled from Palestine.

I smiled when Roger Waters called Richard Branson a “prick.” Waters notes that Maduro is supposedly a “dictator,” yet Maduro lets Guaido run around causing trouble.

In this, Maduro has outwitted the Empire. There are rumors that Maduro’s agents watch over Guaido to make sure that Guaido stays safe from the Empire, which would love to assassinate Guaido and blame it on Maduro.

Guaido has been banned from holding any public office for 15 years.

Once again Venezuela’s neoliberal elitists depended on the USA to put them back in power, and once again they were disappointed.

First Syria, now Venezuela. The Empire can no longer do anything right. The USA is so pathetic that presidential candidates like Robert "Beta" O'Rourke and Joe Biden spend all their time apologizing for being white, while calling on people to vote for them anyway.

Since they are white males, they are evil and "privileged." Hence they would automatically lose any debate with blacks like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker.