Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Gilad Atzman - Nazis didn't like Jazz, The Corbynites are following their path

You can see that Gilad Atzman is under enormous pressure. Poor guy, he's only trying to do the right thing. But now Corbyn has capitulated too.

In the last three years we saw the Labour party suspending and harassing its own party members for thought crimes. Now the purge is escalating, the party is now terrorising private citizens. I seem to be their prime target. My crime, I told the truth...

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Konrad said...

Jews focus their greatest fury on “self-hating Jews,” which is code for traitors.

Many non-Jews are sonderkommandos and shabbos Goyim for their Jewish masters.

Atzmon is an ex-Jew, which is even worse. Therefore Mr. Atzmon is hit with constant lawsuits, slander, and other forms of harassment.

As for Corbyn and the Labour Party, they are the same as leading US Democrats. They serve only Jews, Israel, and the rich.

Many average people in the Labour Party call themselves pro-socialist, but since they are fanatically pro-Jewish, they allow rich oligarchs to crush all hopes for socialism by simply calling it “anti-Semitic.”

PERSON A: I am a socialist and a warrior for Israel.

PERSON B: Socialism is anti-Semitic.

PERSON A: In that case, I’m a neoliberal.

Anyone who defends Atzmon is likewise targeted. In late Dec 2018, Chris Williamson (Labour MP for Derby North) endorsed a petition that supported Atzmon. Jews screamed for Williamson’s head on a pike. Fellow Labour members called Williamson a “vile anti-Semite.”

Williamson apologized to his masters, but as usual it did no good. On 27 Feb 2019, the Labour Party suspended Williamson, who now sits as an Independent, and is fanatically pro-Israel, having learned his lesson.

In the video, Atzmon says that Jewish groups tend to be racist, i.e. exclusionary. For example, only Jews may join the “Jewish Voice for Labor.” Netanyahu recently said that only Jews can be Israelis. A recent article in the Jewish Daily Forward says that Jews are not “functionally white.”

The UK is ancient Rome, and Jews are Caligula. No one dares question Caligula’s perversity.