Friday, August 20, 2021

Afghanistan: Doomed from the Start

This editorial is getting a lot of traction on the right… probably will become the policy correction in any future GenX led GOP administration… small repetitive Precision Strike not the tool to use here…

“The Romans,” Machiavelli says, “made their wars short and big.” We Americans have taken to making our wars small and long. We inflict pinprick strikes over decades rather than getting the whole thing over within a matter of days or weeks. 

A better strategy, right after 9/11, would have been to do what we did, but finish the job at Tora Bora—and then leave immediately, with a note on the fridge saying “If you do anything like that again, we’ll be back quickly with overwhelming force, and we’ll leave just as quickly. We will do that as many times as you make us.”



Ralph Musgrave said...

My guess is that the Taliban will have got the message that "if you let any more 9/11 type attacks be organised from your soil, we'll occupy Afghanistan for another 20 years". Though I could be wrong.

lastgreek said...
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lastgreek said...
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lastgreek said...

And let's be clear of one thing. You guys gave Saudi Arabia a pass. Forget for a second that nearly all of the hijackers were Saudi nationals. Who do you think has been funding the Taliban not only before 9/11 but afterwards until the present? Yeah, the very same camel humpers. (is humping with one "p" or two?)

lastgreek said...

The only interesting thing I know about apes, Matt, is that their penises are smaller than human penises.

Matt Franko said...

Yo They were provided sanctuary in Afghanistan Saudis ran them out.,, we should have destroyed the entire nation and everything in it…

GenX always having to clean up for Boomers…

lastgreek said...

"...Saudis ran them out..."

What part of "Saudi Arabia funding the Taliban before and after 9/11" don't you get?

"GenX always having to clean up for Boomers…"

Well, Baby Bush was on the golf courses ignoring intelligence reports of a coming attack. And really, all that it would have taken was a simple latch lock on the inside of the pilots' cabin door. That's it.

I like this latch lock very much. It's Amazon's Choice and it's selling on discount for only $14.10. That's right -- only $14.10, not 2 Trillion dollars:

Yes, they ship to Canada too :)

Joe said...

Except rumsfeld, wouldn't let the military finish off bin laden at tora bora. A profit generating quagmire was the goal. It's a shame there's no hell for rumfeld to go to, and the rest of the Bush administration for that matter.

Peter Pan said...

Rumsfeld is busy planning a party for Henry Kissinger.

Ahmed Fares said...


It was the long wars between Romans and Persians in the 7th century that paved the way for the Arabs and Islam.

That's actually true. But it was God that made them clash together to make way for Islam.

It might interest you to know that Islam began with a double prophecy. The Qur'an records the defeat of the Romans by the Persians, and that after that, the Romans would be victorious, at the same time the Muslims would also be victorious. The Romans ended up defeating the Persians, and in 624 CE, the Muslims defeated an army three times their size in the Battle of Badr.

The Qur'anic verse is titled "Al-Rum" (The Romans).

Also, regarding the Romans, the Tabuk Expedition:

Muhammad and his forces marched northwards to Tabuk, near the Gulf of Aqaba in October 630 (Rajab AH 9). It was his largest and last military expedition. Ali ibn Abi Talib, who participated in several other expeditions of Muhammad, did not participate in Muhammad's Tabuk expedition upon Muhammad's instructions, as he held command at Medina. After arriving at Tabuk and camping there, Muhammad's army prepared to face the Byzantine invasion. Muhammad spent twenty days at Tabuk, scouting the area, making alliances with local chiefs. With no sign of the Byzantine army, he decided to return to Medina. Though Muhammad did not encounter a Byzantine army at Tabuk, according to the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World, "this show of force demonstrated his intention to challenge the Byzantines for control of the northern part of the caravan route from Mecca to Syria".

Expedition of Tabuk

Ahmed Fares said...


You guys gave Saudi Arabia a pass.

Saudi Arabia threatened America and America backed down.

Shortly after 9/11, Hisham Kabbani, a sheik in the Naqshbandi Sufi Order met with George W. Bush and informed him that 85% of the mosques in North America were controlled by the Saudi Wahhabis. The Saudis responded by sending a delegation to see George Bush. They told him that if they were threatenedd by the US, they would join with Bin Laden and swing to the East (East in Islam means China). George Bush quickly made up with the Saudis. He invited King Abdullah to his ranch, where they walked hand in hand and kissed each other on the cheeks.

Do a Google Search for "george bush and king abdullah photo".

@Matt "we have nukes" Franko,

The Saudis see the US as a rent-a-cop. They can replace you with the Chinese, who also have nukes.

Also, in 1999, Hisham Kabbani warned the US State Department about the Wahhabis and Afghanistan. Watch the first few seconds and then skip to the 1:50 mark of the following YouTube video (ignore the title of the video because it was probably put up by a Wahhabi):

Government Stooge Heretic Hisham Kabbani Speaks Out Against Genuine Muslims

Matt Franko said...
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Matt Franko said...

We’re going EV and then we can use our surveillance satellites to create reality show content of those people all killing each other and laugh…,

The funny videos of the Afghans falling off the plane landing gear covers this week was a preview…

Matt Franko said...

“ @Matt "we have nukes" Franko,”

We could have just killed all of you and just taken the oil if we’d thought we needed it..,

Matt Franko said...

It was like the 3 stooges shorts where they would put a dummy in and cut the film just before the fall and landing and then go lay down and get up … funny as hell… you’re watching this plane taxiing and all these guys are sitting on the landing gear covers thinking they were good to go in 600 mph air speed…. Then the plane takes off and you see them falling like Shemp Howard in an old 3 stooges short…

Ahmed Boy are you guys dumb.., your schools must be worse than our liberal Art schools.. moron factories…

Matt Franko said...

China military would parachute in grass cutters if we promised to pay them 15 USD per lawn…

No wait.., China would parachute in grass cutters , YOU GUYS WOULD BLOW THEM… AND THEN we could pay them 15 USD per yard…,

Matt Franko said...


The B means “bisexual”…

Matt Franko said...

Not that there’s anything wrong with that… :p

Ahmed Fares said...

Matt Franko,

Really what has that area contributed materially to humanity ? Ever?

We're too smart to waste our time with that kind of stuff.

God has sealed the eyes of some people so they can cultivate this present world. If no one were blind to the other world, this world would be empty. It is this blindness that gives rise to culture and progress. Consider children, how they grow up recklessly and become tall, but when their judgement reaches maturity they stop growing. So the cause and reason for civilization is blindness, and the cause of devastation is sight. —Rumi (Discourses of Rumi)

lastgreek said...

Ahmed, my apologies for the phrase "camel humpers." I thought I had removed all of the cuss words and vulgar phrases, but I guess I missed that one. Sometimes when you're super stressed, as I was, you say or write stupid things. FYI: For all my news in the Middle East, I rely heavily on As'ad AbuKhalil's twitter feed: asad abukhalil أسعد أبو خليل @asadabukhalil

Ahmed Fares said...

Further to my comment,

Hagar is buried near the third pillar of the Kaabah. Amazing! No one, not even a Prophet should be buried in the mosque. And here, the House of God, wall to wall with the house of a female slave.

And the House of God, the burial place of a mother. God’s non-direction is only directed from her skirt. The Kaabah has extended towards her!

Circling around the Kaabah, the mystery of monotheism, without circling around her skirt is not accepted.

All of humanity, all who have accepted God’s invitation, should circle around the skirt of her dress as well. Her house, her grave, her skirt, also, are part of the tawaaf (circumabulation), are a part annexed to the Kaabah.

For the Kaabah, this absolute, non-direction is only directed towards this skirt. The Kaabah is directed towards the skirt of an African slave, a good mother.

The God of monotheism, seated upon His Omnipotent Throne, He is Alone. But it seems as if from among all His creatures, in His infinite Creation, He selected one.

Among all? A woman.

A black woman.

A black slave woman.

A black female slave of a woman.

The most humiliated of His creatures.

Read the whole thing (has a picture of "Hagar's Skirt" in relation to the Ka'bah): Hagar’s Skirt

Ahmed Fares said...

Matt Franko,

Question: What is Mexico's chief export?

Answer: Mexicans.

Joking aside, do you know what Afghanistan produces? Afghans. Lots of them. Unlike Americans who can put a man on the moon but can't seem to remember how to make babies (the P goes in the V not in the A), the average Afghan has four children. And they're exporting them as we speak. Canada just announced they're bringing in 20,000 Afghan refugees. Millions of Afghan refugees are streaming into Europe.

Yeah, sure, they're dumb as a box of rocks. But a few years of Western education will fix them right up. Their children will probably become doctors and lawyers.

As an aside, I wonder what Afghan cuisine tastes like. I expect to see a number of these people open up restaurants and such.

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