Sunday, August 29, 2021

Dying in the Name of Vaccine Freedom | NYT Opinion

In the video [below] , Alexander Stockton, a producer on the Opinion Video team, explores two of the main reasons the number of Covid cases is soaring once again in the United States: vaccine hesitancy and refusal.

“It’s hard to watch the pandemic drag on as Americans refuse the vaccine in the name of freedom,” he says.

Seeking understanding, Mr. Stockton travels to Mountain Home, Ark., in the Ozarks, a region with galloping contagion and — not unrelated — abysmal vaccination rates.

He finds that a range of feelings and beliefs underpins the low rates — including fear, skepticism and a libertarian strain of defiance.

This doubt even extends to the staff at a regional hospital, where about half of the medical personnel are not vaccinated — even while the intensive care unit is crowded with unvaccinated Covid patients fighting for their lives.

Mountain Home — like the United States as a whole — is caught in a tug of war between private liberty and public health. But Mr. Stockton suggests that unless government upholds its duty to protect Americans, keeping the common good in mind, this may be a battle with no end.

Dying in the Name of Vaccine Freedom | NYT Opinion

The Young Turks

Anti-Mask 'Freedom Rally' Organizer Seriously Ill With COVID

Anti-Mask 'Freedom Rally' Organizer Seriously Ill With COVID


Unknown said...

Covid spreads primarily as microscopic bullets in the air. If you're double vaccinated but now asymptomatic, outside your home, in close proximity to others and not wearing a mask you're the equivalent of a random shooter. Normally the cops would shoot to kill on moral grounds.

NeilW said...

"If you're double vaccinated but now asymptomatic, outside your home, in close proximity to others and not wearing a mask you're the equivalent of a random shooter."

Why. Doesn't your mask work?

Wear a better mask. If you go into a war zone not wearing a bulletproof vest, then that is your fault, not that of those shooting the bullets.

I can never understand the mentality that says everybody must do as I say so that I feel protected. Either wear the correct protection or don't go into the war zone.

NeilW said...

Where's the finger wagging post about this?

"Lisa Shaw: Presenter's death due to complications of Covid vaccine"

I did a little experiment on Reddit. This post on a death of a well known figure from taking a vaccine got 100 upvotes. The death of a 'non-mask wearer' got 47,000 upvotes - alongside lots of unpleasant comments about 'that sort'.

There's no greater indication of cult thinking and cult behaviour - glorifying the deaths of the 'enemy' and ascribing it to their 'loose morals'.

It's disgusting behaviour.

Unknown said...

Covid is predominantly spread through airborne transmission as particles acting like microscopic bullets. Leaving your home and coming into close proximity with others without wearing a mask when you might be an asymptomatic carrier of Covid is not guaranteed under the American Constitution. Nowhere in that Constitution will you find the right to be a random shooter!

Unknown said...

You are missing the point NeilW. I said "not" wearing a mask.

To further support my post we now know that you can contract Covid after being double vaccinated or "double jabbed". I go into my local supermarket where it clearly says on a notice firmly stuck to the door "Masks must be worn inside this store." Go inside and most customers aren't wearing masks but the store staff are. There is no reinforcement of mask wearing by the store company managers. The people who are not wearing masks are either doing so because they believe their double vaccination protects them from getting Covid, protects them from serious short or long term effects if they do get it, are young enough with good immune systems to shrug off Covid without serious short or long term effects, or just selfish Libertarians.

In regard to prevention of potential serious harm most American schools employ security staff to deal with random shooters in schools. Americans haven't yet cottoned on to the fact they need to deal with Covid in the same way.

Peter Pan said...

What jurisdiction are you in, Unknown?
If there is a mandate to wear a mask, customers have to wear one.