Monday, August 30, 2021

FT - Isis Uighurs threaten ‘rivers of blood’ in China

 Video denounces ‘communist lackeys’ as tensions rise in Muslim-majority Xinjiang

A gruesome Isis video depicting Uighur fighters in Iraq calling for attacks on China has raised concern that the Asian nation could become a target for jihadist groups, even as Beijing stages mass military manoeuvres designed to quell separatist sentiment in the restive frontier region of Xinjiang.

The graphic video denouncing “evil Chinese communist infidel lackeys” came from the Iraqi arm of the militant group, according to Site, a US-based company that tracks jihadis and white supremacist activities online. Reuters, which first reported on the video, independently confirmed the translation.



Marian Ruccius said...

Well, probably better ISIS Uighurs than Chinese colonialists. Uighurs face discriminatory education, employment and religious policies, and the Chinese government could have stalemated all Uighur opposition just by offering special autonomous status

Peter Pan said...

What terrorists threaten, the state can deliver.