Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Hassan Akkad - Britain's Covid Strategy

Britain failed to close its borders at the beginning of the pandemic to prevent further Covid infections. 

 It's not easy to compare countries on their strategies on deeling with Covid as there is so many different variables, but this could be one reason why Britain's COVID-19 deaths are much higher than other countries. 


lastgreek said...

K, remember that story, as told by Keith Richards, of Charlie Watts punching Mick Jagger in the face? I remember it. Hell of a memory I do have, yes siree K :) And let's be honest: the only more satisfying thing than punching Mick in the face is a kick to the chops ;)

And not just memory mind you. I also recall cool facts. Like on this day in history in 1961, Mickey Mantle was recalled from the minors by Yankees. It was the first time he would be wearing the iconic #7 jersey.

Peter Pan said...

Have you closed your borders to hordes of immigrants streaming in from the EU?

lastgreek said...

Why the worry? They have a natural, deep, wide "moat."