Monday, August 30, 2021

WHO - From 30 million cases to zero: China is certified malaria-free by WHO

Socialism with Chinese characteristics, which some say is rooted in Confucianism. 

 In 1967, the Chinese Government launched the “523 Project” – a nation-wide research proramme aimed at finding new treatments for malaria. This effort, involving more than 500 scientists from 60 institutions, led to the discovery in the 1970s of artemisinin – the core compound of artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs), the most effective antimalarial drugs available today.

“Over many decades, China’s ability to think outside the box served the country well in its own response to malaria, and also had a significant ripple effect globally,” notes Dr Pedro Alonso, Director of the WHO Global Malaria Programme. “The Government and its people were always searching for new and innovative ways to accelerate the pace of progress towards elimination.”

Keys to success

China provides a basic public health service package for its residents free of charge. As part of this package, all people in China have access to affordable services for the diagnosis and treatment of malaria, regardless of legal or financial status


WHO - From 30 million cases to zero: China is certified malaria-free by WHO


The main idea of Confucianism is the importance of having a good moral character, which can then affect the world around that person through the idea of “cosmic harmony.” If the emperor has moral perfection, his rule will be peaceful and benevolent. Natural disasters and conflict are the result of straying from the ancient teachings. This moral character is achieved through the virtue of ren, or “humanity,” which leads to more virtuous behaviours, such as respect, altruism, and humility. Confucius believed in the importance of education in order to create this virtuous character. He thought that people are essentially good yet may have strayed from the appropriate forms of conduct. Rituals in Confucianism were designed to bring about this respectful attitude and create a sense of community within a group.

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Peter Pan said...

Canada is malaria free... I don't hear our government boasting about it.

lastgreek said...

Canada’ s pop., spread far and wide, is around the same as a small city in China.

Peter Pan said...

And we aren't in the tropics.

Matt Franko said...

Peter Pan said...

Quinine, Ivermectin and HCQ may become as common as vitamin C.

Thank-you climate change!

lastgreek said...

What the hell? You forgot to mention the bleach and the UV light insertion, "like inside the body."

You're forgetting alot these days, PP :(

Marian Ruccius said...

Anybody who has lived under Confucian regimes, such as Vietnam's or China's, can confirm that the whole Confusion values is really just about social control and dominance of the elites. In the end, social probity, good conduct, etc. have nothing to do with -- it is all about controlling the population.

That is why, for some 15 years now, the Chinese Government has been violently stymieing the expansion of Taoist values and beliefs -- Taoism is, of course, the very foundation of Chinese thought and values, and long preceded institutional Confucianism. See

On another note, it is worth considering international manifesto group's recent Manifesto, which is just propaganda when it comes to China and the Soviet Union, but useful in some of its other analysis