Saturday, August 28, 2021

China records zero cases of the Delta variant in a world-first

China is the first country to prove they can crush the Delta outbreak after reporting zero locally acquired cases for the first time since July.

On Monday, the country reported 21 imported cases and zero locally transmitted infections. If the trend continues, China could become the world's first country to control a major Delta outbreak.

The country has been tackling the spread of the highly contagious variant since it was first detected in airport cleaning staff in the eastern city of Nanjing on July 20.

Sky News

Jason LightfootChina's Delta Outbreak is OUT of CONTROL!? I was Wrong? 中国被德尔塔摧毁?Unseen ...

 They say it's authoritian in China, but they are freer than us, plus economy doing well. 


Marian Ruccius said...

SO CHINA is in the midst of a huge Delta surge, and its economy, and the US's are being immensely affected by it, for instance in being forced to close down most of China's southern ports. I do not know whether they are doing "better" or "worse" than "us", likely worse because the vaccines China has access to are less effective.

But what we can see from the articles above is how almost all the positive reporting on China is propaganda initiated by the Chinese Government, and thus not to be trusted at all. So we can conclude from this not only that the Chinese Government is lying comprehensively about the effects and extent of COVID, but also about all the other keys issues, including its abuse and cultural genocide of Uighurs. I recommend this recent article in the Hellenic Shipping News on the situation and impacts of the closures of the southern ports:

Marian Ruccius said...

I am not saying, mind you, that all positive reporting by the Chinese Government and its many media agents is false -- rather the reverse, most if of it is likely true. The problem, as anybody who has written propaganda knows (as I have), is that propaganda relies on a) SELECTIVE representation of the truth; and b) OMISSION and SUPPRESSION of contrary stories. And the Chinese security system spends billions doing both, internally of course, and through its influence and intimidation in foreign media. So many positive stories on China are wholly "true", while still being untrustworthy.

Peter Pan said...

Good news is no news.