Monday, August 30, 2021

DW - How China built the best high-speed rail ever

The video shows how neoliberalism and privatisation has failed the West. We're going backwards, while China is going forewords. Some criticism of China, but where people wouldn't move, China just builds its carriageways around them, which hardly authoritarian. 

China built almost 40,000 kilometers of high-speed rails in just over a decade. Meanwhile, dreams for a similar high-speed train systems in the EU and US have been consistently derailed. How did China do it? And at what cost? 

We're destroying our environment at an alarming rate. But it doesn't need to be this way. Our new channel Planet A explores the shift towards an eco-friendly world — and challenges our ideas about what dealing with climate change means. We look at the big and the small: What we can do and how the system needs to change. Every Friday we'll take a truly global look at how to get us out of this mess.

DW - How China built the best high-speed rail ever

I love trains! A really nice relaxation video.

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lastgreek said...

We're going backwards here in the West, you say? LOL... K, you don't know the half of it!

This from the Canadian province of Alberta (aka "Canada's Texas"):

Anna Asimakopulos @asimakoaa

Alberta feed stores inundated with calls for ivermectin over false claims livestock dewormer treats COVID | CBC News

Lest anyone here thinks we don't have idiots/jackasses in Canada. We have plenty :(