Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Al Franklin - Tucker Carlson - Most COVID-Vaccinated American?

 How Many Americans Have Died of COVID Because of Disinformation from Tucker Carlson?


NeilW said...

About as many as have died believing masks protect them. And for the same reasons.

Belief in gurus.

Kaivey said...

Face masks reduce the transmission of the delta, lambda, and other Covid-19 variants as well as they do for the original Covid-19 virus, but you still have to be careful while you use them.

Belief in nobodies who think it up themselves.

NeilW said...

Face masks do nothing to reduce anything. There is no real world evidence for that belief. None. Hence why 'exit waves' don't happen - despite masks fanatics predicting it.

It's like Hydroxychloroquine. Might possibly do something in laboratory conditions, but not in the real world.

The belief that masks protect inbound is particularly pernicious. There is not even any laboratory evidence for that for any of the commonly used masks. You need a viral filtering mask, properly fitted, changed and used in a controlled environment.

And requiring everybody to be 'careful' while using them just means that somebody won't be and the whole thing is a pointless waste of time.

If you want a mask to work you need to wear an FFP3 viral filtering mask inbound. If you're not doing that, then you may as well have a "pocketful of posies".

lastgreek said...

Is Tucker vaccinated?

Peter Pan said...

When will Fredo Cuomo be arrested from murdering 15000 nursing home residents?

lastgreek said...

"Fredo" is the younger brother Chris. Get the names right for Cosa Nostra's sake!

The viral video of Chris Cuomo going berserk over being called “Fredo,” explained

PS: Dated a Sicilian girl once. It was weird. All thru the date I kept thinking about the Godfather movie. Needless to say, I behaved like a perfect gentleman.

Peter Pan said...

Fredo is a killer. Arrest him!

As a bumblebee, I know all about Hungarian Honeys.

Joe said...

Just factually wrong. Mask efficacy is a direct measurement with a fit testing machine that literally shoots virus sized particles at a person wearing a mask and measures the percentages that get through. Homemade cloth masks reduce exposure by roughly 50%, surgical masks are around 80% and of course n95s do the best.!po=40.6250

Overall public health effects are much more complicated to determine but for a single person interested in decreasing possible exposure, masks do provide some protection.

Konrad said...

I you want to get vaxxed and wear a mask, then go for it. Have fun. Wear twenty masks. Get vaxxed to your heart's content.

Just don't try to force it on others.

lastgreek said...

You heard Konrad, people.

OK, Konrad -- go now and ingest some horse dewormer. No one is going to force you not to take it. Just, you know, don't force it on others :)

FDA warns Americans to stop taking horse dewormer for COVID-19: ‘You are not a horse’