Wednesday, August 25, 2021

SECRETLY Working Multiple Remote Jobs | Erasing The Middle Class

 David Graeber wrote a book about BS jobs, but it did not make a lot of sense to me as I was being worked to death in my blue collar job, but so were the middle managent. Work just seemed to take over life. My manager was putting in so many hours that he said the cleaners earnt more than him. But according to this guy there are plenty of BS jobs in the American tech industry. 

The day that changed everything. In a wild sequence of events starting with Dr. Fauci’s testimony that morning, and ending with the NBA canceling their entire season, this day is widely accepted as the start of the pandemic. Unknown to Fauci, to Rudy Golbert, and to Ton Hanks, this day also ushered in a new era of life where the typical workday for millions of individuals around the world changed forever. 

With their hand forced by the pandemic, a large majority of white-collar management made the decision to transition their companies to work from home. Millions of people quickly adjusted to remote work. At first, they were bored, or maybe they got worried about lay-offs, or more commonly they just got tired of working extra hard for a small raise every year. Soon they got offered another job, and now they have a secret. 

For a small group of hard-working white-collar employees, in industries like tech, banking, and insurance, a new trend is emerging that is both troubling and genius. This small group has discovered a loophole to double their salary. Working two full-time remote jobs and keeping it a complete secret. 

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