Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Wage Inflation — Brian Romanchuk

Note: This is an unedited excerpt section from my latest manuscript, which is an inflation primer. Unlike my previous writings, this planned book largely stays clear of theoretical disputes, and mainly discusses what we know for sure about inflation. This section dips a bit into theories — mainly to say to read about them elsewhere.

I view this text as very preliminary. I will take a long look at it again once I have the rest of the book put into place. My plan is that the book was supposed to be a short report, and it may be that I am near the end of overall text structure. I then need to fill in more details - data from other countries, more references - but I will do that once all the sections are assembled. There is no point tracking down data and references for a section that ends up getting deleted completely.
Bond Economics
Wage Inflation
Brian Romanchuk

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