Saturday, May 13, 2017

Breaking: Clinton Insiders Reveal ‘Blame Russia’ Plan Hatched ‘Within 24 Hours’ of Election Loss

Wikileaks’ latest tweet has the potential to destroy the Democrat Party’s narrative the election of 2016 was corrupted by Russian election meddling. The news agency detailed the contents of the book “Shattered” — written by Jonathan Allen — and it makes some damning accusations.

The work details former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential loss to billionaire Donald Trump. Allen, who was and is a correspondent for Bloomberg News, has also written extensively about Congress, national politics, and works as a political analyst on national television news programs.

Wikileaks uploaded a picture from a page of Allen’s new book which destroys the Russian hacking narrative immediately. Wikileaks tweeted by Wikileaks explains how the Clinton spin machine was set in motion in the minutes following her loss to Trump. Allegedly, John Podesta (Clinton’s campaign manager), collaborated with Robby Mook (fellow member of the Clinton campaign) to make the argument the election was rigged by the Russians — an argument which was put forward when it was revealed in early 2016 the Democratic National Committee’s emails had been hacked.

If this all turns out to be true I will have a field day on the Guardian's online reader's comment section. The Guardian have been really bashing this and the public are so brainwashed by this anti Russian propaganda that I'm usually greatly outnumbered there.



Noah Way said...

If this turns out to be true ...

It's been blatantly obvious since she announced it, and nothing that has happened since - unnamed sources citing confidential documents, reversals by various "intelligence" agencies that first denied it, Germany clearing Russia of election interference, the "failed hack" of the French election, etc., etc.

Kaivey said...

What alarms me is how group as high profile as the Democratic Party would have the nerve to pull off such a ridiculous stunt, and how gullible are the public to believe it. What's more disturbing is that I'm sure the MSM knows it rubbish but still persists in pushing the story. They're up to something.

Noah Way said...

Nothing much has changed on the past 30 years except the frequency and volume, which is now at such a peak that a lot of people are starting to wake up.

A NYT article today about the global ransomware attacks stated that it could take months to find a culprit, or they might never be found. Contrast this to the so-called Russian election hacking - proved without a doubt (or any evidence) within 24 hours.