Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fake News update

It is a fakenews day. Three stories are making the rounds through the media that are each based on false or widely exaggerated interpretation of claims. North Korea, Syria and the U.S. President are the targets.

Moon of Alabama
One Day, Three Serious News Stories That Turn Out To Be False

Meanwhile, Fort Russ is shut out of FB as a purveyor of fake news.
Fort Russ and its team of independent translators and analysts have been hit by yet another round of social media censorship.
Fort Russ
Fort Russ Under Attack: Flores and Popov Blocked, Censorship Ongoing
Fort Russ Special Editor Jafe Arnold (J. Arnoldski)


Noah Way said...

Every day is fake news day.

I'll add another: "analysis" of DPRK's missile launch (that splashed in the Sea of Japan) that shows it capable of hitting the west coast (NYT).

Ryan Harris said...

I think there is a power struggle in The Whitehouse again. That article today about Powell, McMaster and Cohn was a taste of what's to come for neoliberals.

Kaivey said...

Good article. I might be copying some of that to put in the Guardian CIF.

Bob said...

Are we going to see hugs and kisses between Trump and a Saudi royal?

Ignacio said...

Mass media has become a venue to publish BS at this point, then the readers read the BS and ridicule it, and they receive money from ads. At this point it has become a "we pretend to publish truth, they pretend they care about what we publish, and we get paid to publish ads".

Eveybody happy, we the readers get our daily dose of outrage and get the chance to ridicule the press, they get paid to publish ads, and meanwhile pretend to put relevant content which is a shoot at poor propaganda most of the public does not believe any more.

A massive circle jerk.