Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Jean-Michel Cosnuau — Emmanuel Macron’s victory is a colour revolution in disguise

Another view on French politics.

The Duran
Emmanuel Macron’s victory is a colour revolution in disguise
Jean-Michel Cosnuau


Sputnik Internatinonal


Noah Way said...

Gotta love the media portrayal of Marine Le Pen as "far-right".

Penguin pop said...

I kept hearing Le Pen had economically left views, but it was the nationalism, stance on Muslims and her party the National Front being associated with anti-semitism that eventually did her in at the voting booth. I'm pretty confused.

Ignacio said...
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Ignacio said...

Macron, the Manchurian candidate of the elites.

Noah Way said...

“I said the evening of Trump’s election that this is not the end of the world, it’s the end of a world. The EU world is ultra-liberalism, savage globalisation, artificially created across nations. I believe that this world is dead." Marine Le Pen on BBC

Kaivey said...

Mass immigration and open borders is nothing to do with nice, wooly liberals but everthing to do with neoliberalism and big businesses desire for low wages and people getting maxed out with big mortgages - because of the housing shortages - to maximise profits for the few. The liberals have been conned.