Saturday, May 20, 2017

John Pilger — Getting Assange: the Untold Story

John Pilger relates the story of the concerted drive to get Assange because freedom and democracy. (snark)

How liberalism becomes authoritarian when "liberals" attempt to save liberalism by killing it.



Kaivey said...

Those of us the keep up with the real news know about the horrendous crimes of the US. Assange is a hero, but the media paints him in a dark picture. The brutal regime of the US exposed, which has killed millions. But people think the US are the good guys, fighting bad muslins, but the US armed the bad Muslims.

Thousands die in Syria just so the US can get a Saudi through pipeline Syria. It's shocking how rich Western people think it okay to murder thousands just to make some money. The so called sensible Obama was behind it too. But it was worse. The whole of the western media was behind it. I then saw how evil and propaganda could control a nation. The so called ' good West' were pirates and bandits.

Ralph Musgrave said...

The Swedes sidled up to Hitler. They are now they're sidling up to Islam. No big surprise then that they sidle up to the US when the US wants to use dubious rape allegations against Assange to punish Assange for the sin of promoting open government.

Jonf said...

Hacking, stealing and exposing private information to promote your own ideas and agenda is a crime or, at least it should be.

Noah Way said...

Exposing secret / hidden information that is evidence of crimes is a public service.

To extend that, hiding information to allow or foster crime is a crime.

Democracy cannot exist in secret.