Thursday, May 4, 2017

Michael Roberts — Memoirs of an erratic Marxist [Yanis Varoufakis]

Varoufakis more erratic than Marxist?

Roberts contends that there is no solution for Greece within the structure of capitalism as institutionally dominant. Varoufakis's memoir bears this out.

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Memoirs of an erratic Marxist
Michael Robert


Calgacus said...

No. All that was needed was accepting Schauble's offer of negotiated Grexit. As Weisbrot (& some former Syriza ministers) said, the logical outcome would have been - after a short transition period - robust recovery. Roberts projections of what would happen in his "Keynesian" option (as well as the false distinction of it from the "Marxist" option) are not correct, based on "pseudonumou gnoseos" as Matt would say. Remarkable that so many understand that the mainstream is filled with "pseudonumou gnoseos" - except in international affairs, where mainstream illogic is both most glaring - and most unquestioned by hoi polloi, swallowers of very big lies.

Bob said...

I'm an erratic dragonfly, still working on my memoirs.