Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Moon of Alabama — James Comey Is Losing His Game With Another Non-News Leak

Moar on fake news and propaganda aimed at removing or neutering Trump. The problem is that this is now becoming obvious to anyone that is awake.

Moon of Alabama
James Comey Is Losing His Game With Another Non-News Leak


The Unz Review
Are They Really Out to Get Trump?
Philip Giraldi. former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer of the CIA


Kaivey said...

I found this on a blog:

According to the dailymail:

"The Syrian government has been accused of carrying out mass killings of thousands of prisoners by the US government...

"The Trump administration claims the bodies of those killed were burned in a large crematorium attached to the Saydnaya prison complex outside the Syrian capital of Damascus."

Below, we see comments from readers of the Mail Online.

Big Tone, Leamington spa, United Kingdom

More Daily Mail farcical reporting. I'm so glad I don't pay to read this nonsense.

cool_php, Tucson, United States

As usual Daily Mail news has zero credibility.

David Whitmore, London is tan, United Kingdom

Strange how they can get such good aerial shots of Assad's installations but nothing of ISIS.

jules st john, swansea,

What a total load of crap - the buildings could be anything - are these the same people who decided about the WMDS in Iraq.

katz ro, Darko, United States,

So, are you stroking daesh (ISIS) because they make you hot or coz your scared and that will make them leave you alone in your twisted mind?

They are the ones that butchered raed and destroyed whole cities en masse. They are the ones that blew up priceless centuries old architecture and statuaries any grain of which would be worth more in powder than a single one of their polluted sounds. You were actively involved in helping create this situation it needs to be dealt with and not by you whoops sorry there is no reset

not 4 me, Åland Islands,

They still havent proved Assad bombed those people - all speculation

MRW said...

Anyone see this? Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shared 44,053 Democrat Emails With WikiLeaks: Report

Kaivey said...

Yes, today I found something like this at a right wing site, but it was full of other conspiracies, like chem trails, so I didn't put it out here. I will check it out.

Bob said...

Get rid of Trump and replace him with Pence. You don't have to be part of the Republican establishment to see the temptation.

Bob said...

Cross the Clintons and you're likely to end up deceased. May or may not be true but sure is funny.

Bob said...

What's with use of "moar"? If we're going that route, it's woke, not wake ;)

Kaivey said...

It's awake.

Kaivey said...

I get loads of wrong words when using my phone. I swipe the words in and it puts the wrong ones in. I sometimes don't notice.

Tom Hickey said...

Thanks. Fixed now.

Bob said...

Stop using "moar".

Bob said...

Joe said...

In this case i believe kaivey is correct. "Woke" is the new term of the hyperpolitically correct sjw's that want to make themselves feel special and superior to others. I don't think that's what kaivey meant.

Joe said...
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Bob said...

A wake is what happens to Clinton crossers ;)

MRW said...

Joe, I urged others to read Robin Koerner's "Be Wary of the Orwellian "Enlightened" Class

He had a brilliant paragraph:

"I wrote about the authoritarianism of some of the “Social Justice Warrior” Left today, who would give moral privilege to groups they identify as victim groups in the name of eliminating privilege; who would eliminate the free speech of people with whom they disagree in the name of giving everyone an equal voice; who equate speech with violence to justify violence against those who speak."

Joe said...

Good article mrw. I recently watched Joe rogan's interviews with Jordan Peterson and then watched some vids of Peterson being confronted by sjw-types and the behaviour of some of these people is appalling. Very orwellian.