Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Paul Robinson — Alexei two percent

Paul Robinson exposes moar fake news from the lamestream media.
The outsized attention given to the non-systemic opposition gives an entirely false impression of its political significance. For the most part, the media gives Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky, who head substantial political parties which got about 13% of the vote in last year’s Duma election, less attention that Kasyanov and Nemtsov, whose PARNAS got less than 1%, and substantially less attention than Khodorkovsky, whose Open Russia organized demonstrations last week which attracted just a few hundred people (which didn’t prevent headlines such as ‘Thousands of Russians Present Letters of Protest in Demonstrations’). 
As for Navalny, an opinion poll published by the Levada Centre today gives him almost imperceptible levels of popular support.…
The lamestream media focused on the minuscule protest in Russian recently while ignoring the 35 million that protested against the neoliberal government in Brazil during a general strike that shut down the country.

Go figure.

Alexei two percent
Paul Robinson | Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa

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The Moscow Times is an English-language Western neoliberal-leaning newspaper that represents the "liberal" opposition, but its treatment of the rise of a younger hipper Communist Party in Russia seems balanced.
One of the organizations hoping to boost the party's younger vote is the Komsomol, a Soviet-era youth group which continues to exist today. The Komsomol's current leader, Yaroslav Listov, says it's a myth that only older Russians are inclined towards socialism. “Young Russians want to work for the good of their country, not for some oligarch or businessman,” he says.
The Moscow times
Young, Hipster and Red: Meet Russia's New Generation of Communists
Bradley Jardine, Ola Cichowlas

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