Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Rahul Manchanda, Esq: USA Shooting Itself In Foot With Sanctions Against Eurasia

The U.S. Treasury Department and Legislature are not doing average Americans any favors by blacklisting, alienating, and sanctioning other oil/gas-rich, wealthy nations in Eurasia having burgeoning economies at the behest of their International Central Banker masters.

If average Americans could visit the sprawling countries of Eurasia, including Russia, Khazakstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, China, and other nations, they would quickly surmise that those nations are literally drenched in oil, gas, minerals, and natural resource wealth which is literally just begging to be developed and marketed in the international stream of commerce. 
Brand new buildings, with the latest advances in structural and physical ingenuity, dot the landscape of these nations, being commissioned and put up by the latest geniuses who brought us the towers in Dubai and other fabulously wealthy nations in the East, while the infrastructure and architecture of the United States and Great Britain lay in self-pleased antiquity and junky comparison. 
These idiots within the U.S. Treasury Department, using their half-educated nimrods within the U.S. Congress and Senate, continue to pump out international economic stifling sanctions, seemingly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, under the idiotic appellation and specious banner of “combating international Islamic terrorism,” against certain nations which, if the USA actively encouraged trade and friendly relationships with, would yield untold and limitless bountiful economic fruit to all segments of the U.S. economic sector and its people, but again these “harbingers of doom” working within the U.S. Government would rather deprive their fellow American citizenry while all the while having one foot in the Eurasian economic door through their international relationships overseas. 
And “international Islamic terrorism” has also been revealed to be simply a disruptive “boogeyman” created, funded, armed, trained and dispatched by our friendly neighborhood International Central Bankers and their equally stooge-like Intelligence Services for precisely this purpose, to foment conflict, division, and provocation so that they can use variously selected, idiotic, and shortsighted world leaders to sanction, embargo, invade and terrorize other world nations not towing the proverbial line of their international and global agenda.

The Neoconservatives want to rule the world as bandits and pirates, the military-industrial complex wants to sell lots of weapons to get rich.Yet everyone would be much wealthier if we found ways to cooperate. The liberal press goes along with it spreading lies but do they know what they are backing: not liberals at all, but hawks?


Bob said...

How much trade currently exists between the US and the countries mentioned?

Europe might be shooting itself in the foot if it goes along with sanctions. They are geographically closer to Asia and stand to benefit directly. The US could benefit indirectly, but that is beyond Washington's comprehension. It doesn't fit their narrative of how the world should work.

Tom Hickey said...

When this starts taking off, we are going to see a rush way from the West toward the East, where the money will be.

Britain already stiffed the US in ignoring US insistence against joining China's financial initiatives. But the City rules and they did not want to be left out.

Most business is Europe is agitating to get rid of the sanctions. It's the politicians that are hanging on. That won't last forever.

MRW said...

When this starts taking off, we are going to see a rush way from the West toward the East, where the money will be.

Yup. Exactly. I’ve been saying this since Obama imposed sanctions on Russia. And Stage One in this takeover happens officially this weekend in Beijing.

I agree with this guy’s derision and disdain for US Treasury and Congressional stupidity.