Friday, November 16, 2018

Links — 16 Nov 2018

Mint Press News
DOJ Inadvertently Confirms Sealed Indictment Awaits Julian Assange if Extradited to the US
Whitney Webb

U.S. prepares criminal case against Wikileaks' Assange


US avoids re-committing to non-interference in Russia’s internal affairs — source

Sputnik International
EXCLUSIVE: How Elites Use Mainstream Media to 'Maintain and Expand Their Power'

Christopher Black
Russia's game in Libya
Lorenzo Vita
Originally published in Italian at Gli Occhi Dela Guerra
Translated into English by Pravda

The Twisted Logic of the Jewish ‘Historic Right’ to Israel
Shlomo Sand | Emeritus Professor History at Tel Aviv University

Fort Russ News
Joaquin Flores

Strategic Culture Foundation
Why Washington Blows Up over European Army

Ecuador’s Soft Coup and Political Persecution
Raphael Correa, former Ecuadorian president

Moon of Alabama
The White House Spat With Jim Acosta Is Not A First Amendment Issue, Julian Assange's Indictment Is One

1 comment:

Marian Ruccius said...

Joaquin Flores's piece on the Strait of Gibraltar is largely agitation and propaganda. For Spain to do otherwise would have been tantamount to a declaration of war.

One can always find some British or American putative expert to opine mindlessly on international relations, and then use that to speak in broad terms about what this means for NATO or the "American Empire."

The truth is that Maritime transit through the Gibraltar Strait has been free and unimpeded for all vessels during most recent periods of history, although at times this free transit has had to be enforced with military might. Since the drafting of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, no serious attempts have been made by Spain or Morocco to limit passage through the Strait of Gibraltar, but Spain did issue a declaration when ratifying the Convention saying that it understands that the straits regime in the Convention “is compatible with the right of the bordering State to enact and enforce in straits used for international navigation its own regulations, provided that such regulations do not interfere with the right of transit passage.”

So everyone without exception is allowed through, but you have to behave in line with Spanish and Moroccan rules.