Thursday, May 4, 2017

RT — Half of young Europeans skeptical of democracy – YouGov survey

Only around half of young Europeans think of democracy as the best form of government, a new survey has revealed, while three-quarters see the EU as more of an economic pact rather than a group of nations sharing core European values.

The YouGov survey, the results of which were published on Thursday, was commissioned by the German TUI Foundation, which promotes dialogue on European issues. Between February and March, it polled 6,000 people aged between 16 and 26 from France, Britain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, and Spain.

Overall, only 52 percent of the respondents saw democracy as the best form of government. That figure was higher in Germany (62 percent) and Greece (66 percent), the birthplace of democracy, while France, Poland, and Italy were most skeptical (42, 45, and 42 percent, respectively). The latter three countries are home to strong populist, nationalist movements, some of which have been described as far-right.
Additionally, 76 percent saw the EU as more of an economic alliance than a group of countries with common cultural interests (30 percent). A mere seven percent described those values as “religion and Christian culture.”
“The value-based European cohesive forces have for a long time been taken for granted,” said Thomas Ellerbeck, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the TUI Foundation. “The European Youth Study shows that this apparently self-evident condition no longer applies.”…
Post Modernity?

Half of young Europeans skeptical of democracy – survey


Andrew Anderson said...

Democracy? When the poor are forced to lend to banks (a deposit is legally a loan to the bank) to lower their borrowing costs and the borrowing costs of the rich, the most so-called credit-worthy?

Rather, we have a Bankracy where the only true citizens are depository institutions since only they may deal with fiat, except for unsafe, inconvenient physical fiat, aka "cash." The rest of us are forced to work through them.

Ryan Harris said...

So encouraging, makes me so happy. People are beginning to understand economics and politics in deep, rich way, with no more topical feel good non-sense.

We just need a few more years of establishment academics and other elites to keep doing what they do.

Have you been watching the miraculous Spanish real estate market -- no seriously -- the Spanish economy? Parts of Europe booming and bank lending burgeoning with a giant sucking sound from Germany scooping up.

It's going to be epic this time.

Ignacio said...

Not "miraculous", Ryan, the recovery of the real estate market was due because it was basically dead for 10 years, no exaggeration. Like, dead. The government has been running "wild" deficits (Brussels will force to cut down) and that has been propping up the market. Add to that now that funds have bought real estate to rent it all over the place and the Spanish market is starting to look more like the rest of Europe there are shortages after years of abandonment...

The other driver of the recovery is tourism because all the instability in North Africa and Turkey, the biggest gainer (more than Greece or Italy) from that has been Spain by far.

The transfer from the core is not as high (AFAIK, haven't look at data really) as it was the last decade (yet at least), but is a possibility. Although I think a stagflation scenario in USA and stagnation in China etc. would stop any of that happening before.

Anyway the French, German, etc. banks are in shambles anyway, any sufficient slowdown will bring it all to the knees.

hog said...

several questions:
1. why is a travel agency conducting such a survey?
2. why specifically "Democracy", a form of government that hasn't been around for thousands of years? most governments around today are republics (hybrid governments have proven to be more stable)

Tom Hickey said...

1. Huh?

2. Transaction cost