Thursday, May 18, 2017

Steven Chovanec — Trump Escalates Syrian Proxy War

US neocons and deep state are back. Al Qaeda an ally.
Back in February, it was quietly reported that the CIA had discontinued its support program to rebels in Syria. A month later, a knowledgeable source from the region disclosed to me that the Trump administration and the Saudi defense minister, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, had agreed during their meetings in mid-March for the Gulf states to re-open supply channels to their rebel proxies.…
The parallel measures by the U.S. and Russia signify a race between the two major powers to capture as much territory as possible from the Islamic State before the other side is able to do so.
Under the guise of “defeating ISIS,” both powers are essentially carving out their own spheres of influence throughout the country, dividing it between U.S.- and Russian-backed regions, leading to an inevitable showdown between the two sides over the fate of the country and its territorial integrity.…
As the CIA reopens its rebel supply lines, it’s important to note that the entire opposition is dominated by al-Qaeda and other radical Islamists. While pro-regime-changers in the U.S. have repeatedly blame the rise of ISIS on the U.S. not sufficiently sponsoring the “moderate” rebels, in reality the program of supporting the moderates was the major factor that empowered the jihadists. The so-called “moderates” were never separate from the extremists, and often were only called “moderate” to justify U.S.-support.
Despite knowing its support was empowering extremists, the U.S. continued to do so, realizing that it was necessary in order for the goal of overthrowing the Syrian government to have any realistic chance of success. This created the situation today where the opposition is dominated by al-Qaeda and filled with sectarian extremists.

Today in Idlib, where the FSA is being supported by the CIA, al-Qaeda and its coalition completely dominate the rebel forces. Rebels routinely pass at least half of their U.S.-supplied weapons to Nusra while the U.S.-approved “moderates” only operate under license from al-Qaeda....
Steven Chovanec


To support freedom and democracy, you see.

Donald Trump to announce $350bn arms deal with Saudi Arabia – one of the largest in history

Just what the snake pit needs.

Think Progress
Trump to unveil plans for an 'Arab NATO' in Saudi Arabia


Kaivey said...

A fair and democratic press should be informing the public. There should be outrage in the streets. But nothing. Saudi Arabia should have sanctions placed on it. The world is up-side-down.

Tom Hickey said...

The world is up-side-down.

"We" are on the wrong side in this.

Kaivey said...

Spot on!

Bob said...
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Kaivey said...

I'm still sending out PCR's, Are You Ready to Die, to British Journalists and politicians. I might have done about 50 people by now. Are Western politicians and journalists sleepwalking into war. I can't believe the complacency of the British establishment, perhaps they are not being told the truth either.

Dan Lynch said...

And this Coalition planes bomb Syrian forces on Syrian soil.

"Coalition" could mean British or Jordan, and I wouldn't be surprised if Jordanian planes were used so that America could have deniability, but you know that America was calling the shots.


Can we even go one day without some disaster unfolding in our country?

Bob said...

Looks like the Iraqi model of defacto partition will be applied to Syria. Will the Turks stand for it?