Sunday, December 23, 2018

Bolton’s Hawkish Syria Plan Backfired, Pushing Trump to Get Out

The national security adviser expanded U.S. goals in Syria to challenge Iran. But Trump wasn’t on board, senior officials say, and Turkey took an opportunity to push the U.S. out.

I noticed a lot of anti Putin and anti Russia videos this morning, much more than usual. I think this is because Trump says he's going to pull US troops out of Syria. 

A fateful decision by National Security Adviser John Bolton to expand the United States’ goals in Syria backfired, and is a key reason why President Donald Trump ordered a total withdrawal of U.S. troops, two senior administration officials told The Daily Beast.

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Konrad said...

I don’t believe that U.S. forces will ever leave Syria. Do you? Does anyone?

Trump makes sounds, but ultimately he does what he is told. Or, if you prefer, the MIC does whatever it likes. The USA will not simply abandon Israel 2.0 (aka Rojava) to please Turkey.

Bolton, the walrus of death, says US forces are in Syria to fight Iran, and to fight the USA’s own terrorist mercenaries (ISIS™) who hate Iran.

“Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria prompted a contemptuous resignation from Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, the most internationally respected member of his administration.”

Mattis disagreed with Trump on many things. For example, Mattis wanted U.S. male combat troops to become drag queens while on duty (i.e. dress like women) if they wanted to.

Because of demented crap like this, the corporate media outlets call Mattis “the most internationally respected member of Trump’s administration.”

It was time for that old ugly Mattis-toad to resign anyway. He’ll go on the talk show circuit where he’ll continually attack Trump, and call for more war. Liberals and Democrats will cheer.