Monday, December 31, 2018

Gordon Dimmack - The Russians Have Weaponized Chocolate.


                                Gordon Dimmack - The Russians Have Weaponized Chocolate. 

Those nasty Russians are at it again: RT has been sending chocolate Salisbury Cathedrals to it's media friends. Shocking, the Russians have weaponized chocolate!

The BBC - RT: Russian station's chocolate Salisbury Cathedral gift slammed

Politicians in Salisbury have blasted a Russian state-run broadcaster which sent chocolate models of the city's cathedral as a festive gift.
RT said the edible item reflected one of the "biggest news stories of the year" and was sent to "multiple" recipients in the media and beyond.
Salisbury MP John Glen said: "This is bizarre behaviour but to be expected."
An image of the intricate chocolate model wrapped in RT-branded ribbons was shared by the Russian channel TV Dozhd, also known as TV Rain.
In a tweet, Dozhd thanked RT for the gift but added: "Come for tea, we're afraid to eat it alone."
Salisbury councillor Jo Broom joined Mr Glen in denouncing the cathedral replica, saying it was "in very poor taste".
She added: "It's very regrettable that somebody would see fit to do something like this, and is quite disrespectful to those that were caught up in the incident."

An RT spokesperson said the chocolate model had been sent as a gift "in the spirit of the Holiday Season" to "multiple friends, peers and partners in the media sphere and beyond".
"As a news organisation, every year we put together presents that reflect one or several of the biggest news stories of the year," the spokesperson added.

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Konrad said...

Strange. The UK and Europe are covered with cathedrals. Russia itself has over 1,000 cathedrals. Why send replicas of Salisbury Cathedral? Because Salisbury was the site of the Skripal poisoning hoax? Five miles north of Salisbury is the Porton Down chemical weapons facility.

Stonehenge is in the same area. Why not send a chocolate Stonehenge? Or a chocolate MI6 building, or a chocolate head of Theresa May?

How many of these chocolate things were sent? Who exactly received them?

Something doesn’t add up. Once thing's for sure. When people start sending chocolate as gifts, we've entered a new level of "state sponsored terrorism."

Kaivey said...

A video by Gordon Dimmack added now.