Saturday, December 22, 2018

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On our efforts to unite progressives in Europe and internationally: A Buzzfeed News Long Read
Yanis Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis
Realistic Utopias versus Dystopic Realities – Oxford University, Taylor Lecture, 12/2/2019


The U.S. Cities With The Most Homeless People In 2018 [Infographic]
Niall McCarthy, Contributor

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Konrad said...

On our efforts to unite progressives in Europe and internationally: A Buzzfeed News Long Read

“Bannon’s speech at the Oxford Union led to claims that it was normalizing ‘white supremacy’ and ‘legitimizing racism’.”

The slaves are programmed to denounce their own freedom as “racism” and “white supremacy.”

“Varoufakis captivated the crowd by arguing that a grand crisis of capitalism was propelling the right to power and that it was time for the left to fight back. The past decade has seen the rise of far-right and nationalist movements everywhere from the US to India to Brazil.”

The slaves are also programmed to denounce their own freedom as “fascist” and “far right.” EU tyranny is good. Freedom is evil. Nationalism is evil.

“The kind of broad-based progressive revival that launched politicians like Beto O’Rourke and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the US has yet to really take hold across Europe.”


Beto O’Rourke is not a product of “progressive revival.” He is 100% neoliberal, and is therefore being groomed and promoted by corporate media outlets and the Democrat establishment, which has launched a “Draft Beto” campaign.

O’Rourke is a member of Hillary’s New Democrat Coalition. CNN says he “knows how to get things done.” In reality he has done nothing in Congress. He is inert. This is why the Democrat establishment wants him. Since O’Rourke is a do-nothing (just like Obama was) he is “fresh and new” (just like Obama was) while being pro-Wall Street and pro-war (just like Obama was). MSNBC says he brings “energy and excitement” everywhere he goes (just like Obama).

O’Rourke is a white Obama; a male Hillary. CBS says he “leapfrogs” over all other candidates, and that O’Rourke is the one to beat.

He has collected $408,382.00 in bribes from the Israel lobby. According to the Open Secrets web site, O’Rourke is the top recipient of bribes from Wall Street, and from the communications and electronics industry IN THE ENTIRE U.S. CONGRESS. And O’Rourke is the second highest recipient of bribes from the oil and gas industry IN THE ENTIRE U.S. CONGRESS.


Kamala Harris is also a neoliberal, although she occasionally gives lip service to Medicare-for-all, just like Obama did until he was installed in the White House.

In 2020 the Democrat establishment will choose O’Rourke or Kamala Harris as their candidate against Trump. O’Rourke because he is an empty shirt, and Harris because you are racist and sexist if you fail to vote for a black female. You are “deplorable.”

I continued reading the article until I came to this…

According to Varoufakis, “The financiers are internationalists. The nationalists are also internationalists.”

WTF? Varoufakis rides a motorcycle, and evidently crashed without a helmet.