Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Saker — A much needed “Likbez” about Russian Tu-160 bombers in Venezuela

A war between the USA and Russia will probably happen soon unless the USA changes its suicidal political course
One truth which is never mentioned by the AngloZionist propaganda is that Russia has retreated as far as she can and that there is a broad consensus in Russia among both the political elites and the people that Russia cannot retreat any further. God knows that even if all the “Putin caved in” propaganda is nonsense, it remains nonetheless true that the perception of the western elites is usually a strange mix of dismissing Russia while, at the same time, presenting Russia as the number one enemy on the planet. I don’t know whether the people making these statements really believe them or not, but the resulting policy is one of a total and never-ending hostility mixed in with a quasi-religious belief in the superiority and even invulnerability of the “collective West.” And this is precisely the kind of mindset which results in stupid and bloody wars! Let me repeat this again: Russia has already done all she can to avoid a war with the USA, and there is nothing else she can do; in contrast, every single US policy towards Russia is bringing us one step closer to an almost inevitable war.…
The Vineyard of the Saker
A much needed “Likbez” about Russian Tu-160 bombers in Venezuela
The Saker

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Andrew Anderson said...

The US suffers under the delusion its banking system is not unjust or, at least, there is no alternative to its injustice. Hence the Us's moral self-righteous.

And when have Progressives or the MMT crowd ever proposed a righteous alternative? Never to my knowledge.

So if the nukes fly, blame yourselves for ethical incompetence.