Saturday, December 22, 2018

Matt Taibbi — We Know How Trump’s War Game Ends

Matt Taibbi talks some sense about unending war, and then warns about the endgame.
We’re about to have a very graphic demonstration of the near-total uniformity of the political class when it comes to the military and its role. The war party is ready for a coming-out party.
Impeachment and removal is on the table with a Democratic House and a GOP Senate dominated by the bipartisan war party.

Rolling Stone
We Know How Trump’s War Game Ends
Matt Taibbi


Konrad said...

“When Trump first ordered airstrikes in Syria over Assad’s” ALLEGED “use of chemical weapons, 70 percent favored sanctions according to Politico.”

There. Fixed it for Matt Taibi.

Bonus . . .

“We’ve successfully brainwashed big chunks of the population into thinking it’s normal for a country to exist in permanent war, fighting in seven countries at once, spending half of all discretionary funding on >defense<" imperialist aggression..

There. None of the USA's current wars are defensive.

Joe said...

Taibii is quite possibly the best journalist in the world (although he needs a heavy dose of Manu, he was worried about the "enormous" inflation risk of qe). Which is why he writes for a music magazine instead of a newspaper whose ostensible purpose is journalism.

Joe said...

Ducking autocorrect. Not a dose of Manu, rather a dose of mmt. I dont even know what the fuck manu is, but apparently it needs capitalized.