Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Col. Patrick Lang — How clever!

All's fair in love and war — including human shields?

The Israeli leadership is generating a perception problem that is eroding what's left of their good will and soft power. First a Russian aircraft and now civilian airliners.

Double whammy of moral failure and strategic blunder.

Sic Semper Tyrannis
How clever!
Col. W. Patrick Lang, US Army (ret.)
At the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lang was the Defense Intelligence Officer (DIO) for the Middle East, South Asia and counter-terrorism, and later, the first Director of the Defense Humint Service. At the DIA, he was a member of the Defense Senior Executive Service. He participated in the drafting of National Intelligence Estimates. From 1992 to 1994, all the U.S. military attachés worldwide reported to him. During that period, he also briefed President George H. W. Bush at the White House, as he had during Operation Desert Storm.

He was also the head of intelligence analysis for the Middle East for seven or eight years at that institution. He was the head of all the Middle East and South Asia analysis in DIA for counter-terrorism for seven years. For his service in the DIA, Lang received the Presidential Rank Award of Distinguished Executive. — Wikipedia
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The goal of today’s leaders in Israel is to carry out a program of vast cruelty and violence while maintaining the public perception that they’re liberal democrats who advance peace and equality. But as the genocide against the Palestinians continues in front of the world, and as Israel slips into dictatorship, maintaining this image is an increasingly difficult task.…
The Ghion Journal
Netanyahu, Likud, And The Farce Of Israeli “Democracy”
Ranier Shea


Noah Way said...

Turing Israel into a glass-paved parking lot would eliminate a number of world problems.

Konrad said...

This kills any claim that the Israeli destruction of that Russian Ilyushin 20 on 17 Sep 2018 in Syria was an “accident.” (Fifteen Russians murdered, plus two Syrians.)

When the Israelis attack, they fly close enough to foreign aircraft to confuse incoming missiles. Foreign civilian aircraft are especially useful as human shields.

Good for the Israelis. If Russia is too stupid or cowardly to stop Israel from murdering civilians, and murdering Russian personnel, then so be it.

I notice also that the Israelis attacked on Christmas day, just like the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.


Netanyahu, Likud, and The Farce Of Israeli “Democracy”

I notice that this article includes a photo and quote from Noam Chomsky.

Don’t be deceived.

Chomsky has always been a supremacist Jew, and an Israel-firster. He opposes any U.S pullout from Syria, and he strongly favors the theft of one third of Syria to create “Rojava” (i.e. Israel 2.0) for the Kurds. Chomsky says that if the USA withdraws, then Israel’s beloved Kurds will be open to attack by the “murderous Assad regime.”


Noah Way said...

Dec. 7 1941 was not Christmas day.

Konrad said...


7 Dec 1941 was a Sunday.

Christmas day is Dec 25th, which in 1941 was a Thursday.

That's for catching that.

I reiterate, however, that the Israelis attacked Syria on Christmas day, hoping that Syria's defenses would be down, since Syria has a lot of Christians.

GLH said...

"Chomsky has always been a supremacist Jew, and an Israel-firster." I agree. I read and listened to Chomsky for years until I found out that he is a gate keeper for Israel. I threw all of my Chomsky books in the trash where they belong. He constantly condemned America but I never heard him condemn his own.

Noah Way said...

Not accurate. Chomsky has been banned from entering Israel since 2010.

Noam Chomsky Slams Israeli Interference in U.S. Politics as Far Greater Than Russian

GLH said...

Noah: Did it ever occur to you that things with Chomsky might be a set up by Isreal? Here is something about Chomsky from an honest Jewish person:
Here is also a youtube video to check out:
I believed in the man for years but never again.

Noah Way said...

You can never be sure what to believe. Character assignation is an old and well-worn method for discrediting opponents. And a lot of people are using Chomsky to make a name for themselves. Not to mention the sand he has rubbed in various neocon/neoliberal agendas over the decades.