Thursday, December 20, 2018

Alan MacLeod — Our Poor, Defenseless Military Industrial Complex - Media decry ‘inadequate’ US military budget that rivals rest of world combined

Any doubt what is driving the US economy (along with non-discretionary transfers like SS, Medicare and Medicaid)?


Konrad said...

“Any doubt what is driving the US economy (along with non-discretionary transfers like SS, Medicare and Medicaid)?”

The more money we throw at the MIC, the louder its people scream for more. “It’s a matter of national security!”

And no one ever asks, “How will you pay for it?”

Noah Way said...

‘Twas a month before recess and all through the house,
Deception consumed every mutinous louse.

Jerry Corsi got snared in a perjury trap,
Poppy Bush laid to rest for an underground nap.

Now to Congress’s wondering eyes will appear:
Jim Comey, evasive, and wearing a sneer.

Subpoenas were postponed as long as they could,
It would work if the tale that they told sounded good.

They would stick to the story that Putin had hacked,
Assange had colluded and the Russians attacked.

They’d ignore all the experts and bury Seth Rich,
All will believe Roger Stone was the snitch!

Hillary’s book tour is Holiday fun,
She’s shopping with cash from Uranium One!

Not a word about Craig Murray’s thumb drive persists,
“We must blame the Russians!” Chuck Schumer insists.

The narrative Crowdstrike concocted will work,
Jim Comey can posture, dissemble and smirk.

With hearings concealed behind doors to be closed,
He’ll stick to the Guccifer hack when deposed.

The “Big Lie” will triumph with spurious clout,
The public will yield to insertion of doubt.

Trey Gowdy can bluster, Bob Goodlatte can pout,
But Comey is smug and the clock’s been run out.

The Q-dupes are thrilled and expect prosecutions,
Those unsealed indictments might bring executions!

They think those tribunals will get underway,
With the swamp monsters tried at Guantanamo Bay!

They want them all hung from the lamp posts with care,
In the hope that the Clintons will also hang there!

There’s lots of unrest way down south at the border,
The troops have been sent to contain the disorder.

Poroshenko’s in trouble, his ratings are thin,
He just pulled a stunt like the Gulf of Tonkin.

Bibi’s in trouble for public corruption,
Kashoggi’s dismemberment caused a disruption.

Gina insists MbS did the deed,
Layoffs at GM and Ford will proceed.

On Lockheed, on Boeing on Raytheon too,
On Bell Helicopter, we’re counting on you!

The stock market looks like it’s ready to tank,
But Hillary’s still drinking sauvignon blanc!

Merry Christmas to all, make America Great,
With a nuclear war, we can end Russia-Gate!

By F. G. Sanford
December 5, 2018

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