Saturday, December 29, 2018

Celeb Maupin - Fake Russians bots from Alabama Election linked to US Cybersecurity Firm

The company, New Knowledge, alleges to track Russian Twitter trolls who are meddling in U.S. elections, except they have been outed as setting up these fake Twitter accounts in the first place, but the media is not reporting on it.


Noah Way said...

The NYT whitewashed this and called it a "security experiment".

FOX called it out for what it is with a bit of anti-Dem bias.

From RT - Irony alert: Firm that warned Americans of Russian bots...was running an army of fake Russian bots

Konrad said...

“New Knowledge”? Those idiots claim that Russians sex toy ads put Trump in the White House.

The lies keep coming no matter how many times they are exposed.

Kaivey said...

I found the Jonathon Morgan Twitter account and tweeted this RT clip on it. I did the same yesterday with the Google CEO saying his company had identified $4,700 of Russian adds.

Joe said...

Seems to me the evidence is now overwhelming that the supposed Russian campaign to sow discord via social media is nothing of the sort. It appears to be nothing more than a run-of-the-mill click-bait troll farm. $4700 in google ads, patriotic art & sex toy ads, half the facebook ads were shown after the election, and now an anti-disinformation company gets caught faking Russian bots? Jesus...

The hysteria from it has now reached such ridiculous proportions, just like Aaron Mate said, the Onion can't keep up.

Joe said...

The sex toy ads were the most devious of all. It's a direct attack on the American family.
American women didn't know about sex toys, but now that they found out about them, they'll leave their sexually inadequate and disappointing husbands, destroying what remains of American families. In fact, I think this may have retroactively caused the opioid epidemic.

This was sheer genius from the Russians. The equivalent of Pearl Harbor if I ever saw one. Like Jimmy Dore said, no one has ever tried to profit off of sex on the internet, it's a totally new phenomenon, a brand new form of warfare. We should stay extra vigilant.