Thursday, December 27, 2018

Jimmy Dore - Hilary Pushes For More War In Syria

Hilary says we are empowering ISIS by pulling the troops out of Syria. Hmm, but if we stay and fight ISIS we strengthen Assad, and if we fight Assad we strengthen ISIS.

But Obama and Clinton funded the Syrian Rebels, aka, ISIS, Deash, Al Queda, or whatever ABC they call themselves, to overthrow Assad.


Konrad said...

Most people believe the nonsense about the U.S. fighting its own terrorist mercenaries (i.e. “fighting ISIS”™) in Syria.

Even “anti-war” people believe the nonsense.

Since most people think in terms of buzzwords and catch-phrases, propaganda works by getting people to adopt buzzwords like “ISIS.”™

Or buzzwords like terrorist, fascist, communist, Al Qaeda, anti-Semite, dictator, holo-hoax denier, intervention, human rights, and so on.

People become programmed the instant they adopt such terms. After people are programmed, everything they say is mere chatter produced by the programming.

For example, all of the following people have been programmed . . .

Person 1: I think we should stay in Syria and fight ISIS.
Person 2: I think we should withdraw and let Assad fight ISIS.
Person 3: If we withdraw, we strengthen ISIS.
Person 4: We have already defeated ISIS.

It’s like your computer’s BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) which you can access in Windows by re-booting your computer while holding down the F12 key. (Windows 10 is slightly different.) On your BIOS screen, the slightest change you make will affect your entire computer, and everything you do with it.

In exactly the same way, to mentally adopt buzzwords like “ISIS”™ is to change the BIOS of your mind.

Propaganda works by changing your mental BIOS.

Konrad said...

And I repeat that Israel’s new tactic is to use foreign aircraft (especially civilian airliners) as human shields. This is a very cowardly move, even for Israelis.

Israeli jets go into attack formation close enough to foreign aircraft to confuse defensive missiles. Then the Israelis suddenly launch their attack and flee as fast as they can.

Russia understands this, but is helpless, because Russia values Israelis more than Russia values non-Israelis, including Russians.

If you doubt this, then please explain why the Russians let Israelis attack Syria at will.

Noah Way said...

Russia's power structure is infiltrated by zionists who must be appeased (not unlike the US, but not to the same extent). Russia is careful and thoughtful about the consequences of its actions. Direct confrontation with Israel = direct confrontation with the US, which is bad for everyone.

Russia is playing a long game, which is the kind of game the US will lose because all they think of is gimme gimme gimme now. In the last few years much of the planet has turned east and more will continue to do so as the US doubles down on military-backed greed and avarice. China is in the same position and the brilliant stroke of US policy has been to alienate both these countries and drive them together as allies against us.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Sanjay Mittal said...

I quite agree with Konrad: about 95% of the population can be programed to think absolutely ANYTHING.