Monday, December 24, 2018

Phil Dobbie and Steve Keen - Where do you draw the line on migration?

A great interview, but very short because you have to subscribe to listen to the long version.

Steve says that Western countries can't absorb migration the way they used to because neoliberalism stagnated their economies but also because of the population growth. The answer, he says, is to stop the causes of mass migration which is Western sponsored wars in the Middle East and climate change. But I think he would add, that imperialist capitalism is driving people in less developed countries into poverty which also causes migration. But neoliberalism is also causing lots of poverty in the West too.

Phil Dobbie.


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Konrad said...

Q. Where do you draw the line on migration?

A. The same place we draw the line on war, debt bondage, and neoliberalism. To address the refugee crisis, we must stop creating refugees.