Friday, December 21, 2018

Dan Kovalik: The CIA and Deep State Plot To Attack Iran

Dan Kovalik was brought up in a very conservative household and was very much a patriarch until he traveled the world and saw first hand the effects of the American Empire. He says how the U.S. has the world's largest empire, but has got away with denying its existence. It controls the world through vassal states and installed cronies.

He has a new book out called, The Plot to Control the World: How the U.S. Spent Billions to Change the Outcome of Elections Around the World. He seems too see the world in the same way I do. 

The CIA and Deep State Plot To Attack Iran: Podcast. 

Human Rights Attorney Dan Kovalik and author of "The Plot To Scapegoat Russia" and "The Plot To Attack Iran" discusses the US drive to overthrow Iran which includes proxy wars in Nicaragua, Yemen, Libya, and Syria that have the potential to pull Russia and China into a greater conflict.


Konrad said...

I am skeptical about US or Israeli plans to attack Iran. With the exception of President Ahmadinejad (2005 – 2013) all of Iran’s presidents since Akbar Rafsanjani (1989 – 1997) have been wealthy neoliberals who are pro-West, and pro-financialization.

This is why Iran’s people elected Ahmadinejad in 2005. Average Iranians were tired of being crushed by the rich. Ahmadinejad was a populist, and an anti-neoliberal, which is why the West despised him so much.

The West had begun imposing sanctions on Iran as soon as the Shah was overthrown in 1979. The sanctions increased in 1987 and again in 1995, but the sanctions did not become severe until Ahmadinejad was elected in 2005. Recall that the failed “Green Revolution” against Ahmadinejad in 2009 was led by the USA and by Iran’s neoliberal upper class who objected to Ahmadinejad’s re-election.

Western sanctions continued to cause so much hardship for average Iranians that in 2013 the people took a chance in going the other way, toward Hassan Rouhani, who was once again a neoliberal and pro-West.

My point is that there is no point in overthrowing Rouhani. A military attack on Iran would give the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a pretext to take power. The Guard are not neoliberals, but neither are they populists. They are corrupt in their own way. Average Iranians are sick of both the oligarchs and the Revolutionary Guard. They don't care about Syria. They want an end to poverty and austerity.

But if this is true, then why the constant threats against Iran? Answer: the US Empire, like all Empires, needs “threats” and “enemies,” real or imaginary. Neoliberals maintain their privileges by claiming to be defenders “national security.” They distract the peasants by constantly threatening to attack foreign nations. They have been threatening to attack Iran for 40 years.

Israelis likewise need constant “threats” and “enemies.” That’s why Israelis constantly talk about the “Iranian threat,” and why Israelis will never completely exterminate all Palestinians. Israelis need Palestinians as “threats” and “terrorists.”

It’s the same in Iran, where the neoliberals and their competitors, the Revolutionary Guard, use the Western threat to justify their hold on power over the masses.

Noah Way said...

You're forgetting oil. Iran is the primary target of the not-so-secret Saudi-Israeli alliance and plan to divide the entire Middle East between themselves, at which point Israel will obliterate the Saudis.

Joe said...

There was no point in invading Iraq either, but we did it anyways.

Profits > delusions of power > logic

Konrad said...

"There was no point in invading Iraq either, but we did it anyways."

There are differences. In Aug 1990 Saddam took the U.S. bait and ordered the invasion of Kuwait. This gave the USA a pretext to declare war on Saddam. (Recall the "incubator babies" hoax and so on.) The U.S. pushed Iraqi forces out of Kuwait, and then began a sanctions regime that murdered half a million Iraqi children. ("The price was worth it.") Saddam became an avowed enemy of the USA, which responded by invading Iraq March 2003.

By contrast, Iran has not invaded any country, and has not had any direct military confrontation with the Empire. Nor has Iran violate the nuclear deal. Nor does President Rouhani make threats against the Empire.

I PROPOSE that everyone has heard Western threats against Iran for so long that everyone thinks the USA actually means to attack Iran in earnest. I am skeptical of this. If the USA is so eager to attack, then why doesn't the USA do it?

Iran is mountainous, and is much larger in size and population than are Libya and Syria combined. Its ruling oligarchs are neoliberals who would prefer cooperation with the neoliberal Empire, rather than war.

Therefore I strongly suspect that the constant rhetoric against Iran is hot air, designed to keep warmongers in power.

Another reason why the Empire continually threatens Iran is to please the Saudis, who are terrified of being eclipsed by Iran.